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A lot of blogs are asking the question What were you doing when you heard what was happening on September 11, 2001? Reading through the comments, I stumbled upon one that was more spot-on than any. I requested her permission to use her comment--I dont expect a reply, but I give her full credit: * * * * * Patty G: Where was I on September 11th, 2001? It doesnt matter. It doesnt matter if I remember exactly what I was doing or how I found out. Because I wasnt there. I wasnt in one of those buildings. I wasnt one of the hundreds of men that had to walk into those buildings as they burned. I wasnt on any of those planes and I didnt have to make any last calls to my loved ones. I wasnt a wife or daughter of someone who wouldnt come home that night. I didnt have to clean up the ruble and find bodies for months and months. I didnt have to go to war to defend the 3,000 people that died that day. Where was I, you ask? It doesnt matter. The world as a whole was changed that day, and everyones sense of security was stripped away. But one thing will always remain true. We are all human...humans who were affected bye this horrific day. So I dont care if youre black, white, Hispanic, Canadian,straight, gay, Muslim, Christian, atheist, short, tall, skinny, big, homeless, or rich. The feeling we ALL had on that day should remain in our hearts forever. We all felt like we were on the same team. And we are. We are on the same team. It doesnt have to take a terrorist attack and 3,000 lives lost to get that. And thats what I was doing that day: feeling human. Feeling like all of us were on the same team, even if our team was scared. Our entire team felt the same emotions, no matter what kind of life we lead. I will never forget..... 9-11-2001 * * * * *
Posted on: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:08:37 +0000

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