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Aside from the ongoing effort to connect ELVI to Aleco, the arrival of 20MVA tomorrow should be included in terms of its impact of normalisation schedule. During the entire, we mobilised the entire senior officials of the Aquino government to accelerate the return to normalcy, i.e. regular power supply ex-NGCP. From ES Ochoa, Cabinet Secretary Almendras, DOE Sec. Ikot, NEA Admin Bueno and DENR Sec. Paje (being from Albay). Distribution capacity will return to normal will be earlier and much better than Bitano ex-ante (or prospectively, if Bitano collapse did not occur). Albay would have expanded capacities: 1. standby working arrangements with ELVI and potentially with APRI if needed) 2. 20MVA and new modern capacities - 20MVA being new while Bitano is 35 years old. Dear ALL, Please be informed that the arrangement between SMEC and Embarcadero was successful. In this regard, the Technical Operations crew is now in action, installing the metering facilities and other accessories needed prior of energization. As of 10:05pm, according to Engr. Russell James Serrano, Technical Operations Dept. Supervisor, it will take them 4 to 6 hours to finish the installation. Hence, it is estimated that the supply from Embarcadero will be available tonight at midnight. Initially, feeder3 will be energized which comprises the following barangays : LEGAZPI : Part of Tahao Rd., Vel-Amor Subd., Part of Cabangan, Puting Daga, Guevarra Subd., Brgy. 17 - Rizal St., Ilawod, Brgy. 15 - Ilawod East, Brgy. 14 -Ilawod, Maoyod, Tula-Tula, Estanza, Taysan, Maslog, Homapon, Mariawa, Bagacay, Imalnod, Banquerohan, Bariis, San Francisco, Buenavista and Cagbacong. ALBAY : Marquez St., Sikatuna, Rosario St. C. Imperial, Mons. F. Reyes St., Diego Silang and Alegre St., ENTIRE Municipality of Manito. Be informed further that load curtailment will still be implemented after energization of emba substation. Feeder 3 and Feeder 4 will have a rotation. No pronouncement yet as of this moment as to the intervals of rotation. Moreover, there will be 2 units of 10MVA Transformer which is expected to be delivered anytime soon within this week. Time table to normalize the power supply is expected later this weekend or early next week. We will keep you updated from time to time of the latest development. Thank you. JANE M. ROGANDO Head, Customer Services Albay Power and Energy Corporation W. Vinzon St., Albay District, Legazpi City e-mail ad : [email protected] SUN : 0932 797 1207 and 0932 888 6972 / GLOBE : 0936 987 6776 From: Jane Rogando To: ACCI ; MR. ALAN MARCHAN ; Alvie ; AMEC ; AMY BONGALBAL ; Ana Marie Mayor ; Analyn Palacios ; AQUINAS HOSP ; AQUINAS UNIVERSITY ; ARIEL BORAL ; ATE MARINA ; BESPREN SIMON M.O.R ; BLANCA ; BOMBO NEWSROOM ; BOMBO RADYO ; BRTTH ; CABREDO ; [email protected] ; Cherry France Arao ; Cinderella Belbes ; Concepcion Olayta ; Cynthia Encarnacion ; DCTV LEG ; [email protected] ; DepEdRegion5 ; EMMALYN ; ENGR. NUYLES ; Erwin B. Baral ; Erwin Baroga ; ESTEVEZ HOSP ; Evangeline A. Cid ; FOX FM ; GENCELI L. BAS ; Gerald Almodiel ; GERALD ALMODIEL ; GLENN BARCELON ; [email protected] ; GLOBE COCO ; GOV. JOEY SALCEDA ; GOVERNORS OFFICE c/o Mr. Ricafort ; HALL OF JUSTICE ; HENRY MACEDA ; HERMIE ALILANO ; HOME RADIO ; INTERIM BOARD ; Jason Credo ; Jason S. Arias ; [email protected] ; Jennifer Bonacua ; Jennifer Y. Peralta ; Jessica Balbin ; Jiji Anonuevo ; JIM Latter Day Saints ; Joie Buere ; JOLLIBEE LEGAZPI ; Jona De Vera Magayenes ; JOSOM ; JOWI ; JOY MEJILLANO ; JR ZIGA ; Judy Lorilla ; KATHY NARCE ; KENNETH ; Kenneth Nieva ; Kristiane S. Catolico ; LANDBANK ; Leah L. Majadillas ; Leah Lim ; LEG CITY MAYORS OFC ; LEGAZPI OIL ; LGU MALINAO ; LGU TIWI ; Liz Ann Macasinag ; LIZPETH ; Luna Gracia M. Reodique ; Ma. Blanca I. Falcon ; Ma. Fe F. Balasta ; MAC PAVIA ; MAILA AYCOCHO-GMA NEWS ; MAM HEZ ; MANAL ; Manuel L. Benitez ; Marie Rose Polo Naparam ; Mariel Alacazar ; [email protected]; Marissa De dios ; MARIVIC LOREMIA ; MARLY ; MAYOR DEMETRIOU ; MAYOR PATTY ; MAYOR ROSAL ; MAYOR SAMPAL ; McCoy ; Melissa Bocaya ; MELISSA SEVILLA ; Michael B. Silva ; MIKE ANSANO_JOVELLAR ; MISIBIS ; [email protected]; NEREN NUNEZ ; Nerrisa Nuyda Baldano ; Nestor Bilolo ; [email protected]; Office of the Governor ; Office of the Mayor - Daraga ; OPS ; P.I.A ; PAGIBIG FUND ; Paz Rebueno ; Pedrigala LATTER DAY ; PHILHEALTH ; Ralph Charles Cu ; Ramil Red Sanchez ; REDZ ; REN ; Renoel Maximo Nodalo Ebio ; Reylan Armario ; Reylan Armario ; Ricardo Onoya Bonafe ; RICHARD DE JESUS ; ROD PEREZ ; ROY LLADOC ; Rusell James Serrano ; RYAN PRINCE LLAMAZARES ; Mr. SARTO LATTER DAY SAINTS ; Sharmaene Francese Borres ; Sharmaene Francese Borres ; SOFIA ; SOL - LATTER DAY ; SUNWEST ; tanchuling hospital ; Teodoro N. Llaguno ; TUPPERWARE ; Tzaadi Carreon ; Warren Tuboro Bernaldez ; Yvete P. Oraa ; Zyra Peralta Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 10:17 PM Subject: UPDATE AS OF MAY 30, 2014 10:09PM
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