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Dated 22nd March 2014. -------------------------------- A northeast girl, Jane (name changed) was physically assaulted by the owner Rajesh Soni (employer. Name Unchanged). Jane resigned from Om Thai Spa, Water Field Road, Bandra on the 20th March. Janes salary was due since 10th March. She was told by her owner to collect the salary on 22nd March at 9:00 PM. As she entered her previous workplace, she was called to the other outlet of the same owner. Mr. Rajesh Soni, the owner/proprietor of Om Thai Spa and Color Cafe. Mr. Rajesh Soni intentionally blew out 3 punches upon Janes temple (chest/heart). As Jane stood there helpless, Mr. Rajesh Soni gave another final kick on her belly which forced her to ground leaving the girl unconscious for almost 10 minutes. Jane now suffers 4 pierce-wounds on her right hand from a pen which the Receptionist of Om Thai Spa inflicted upon Jane. Thereafter, Jane was asked to collect her pending salary by her employer in the adjacent building Color Cafe. Upon reaching the appointed spot, Mr. Rajesh Soni (Employer) started physically assaulting Ms. Jane where the painful punches and kicks were vented out. As the silent girl bore all the assaults, rescue and intervention came through the neighbors of the adjacent building shouting Stop the batter...! where the Receptionist, the Staffs, a beautician and the house keeper preset (Color cafe, adjacent outlet) managed to persuade the assailant to stop punching and kicking the helpless/poor Northeastern girl. The Northeast Helpline-Mumbai rushed to the spot upon receiving the information from the victim. Upon reaching Khar Police Station, the SHO/Duty Officer recognized the representatives and initiated the necessary formalities regarding the grievous assault to a woman employee by her employer (Mr. Rajesh Soni). Finally, the FIR has been filed (23rd March 2014/FIR/122) against the Culprit (Employer) under the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr. P.C) section, 323, 354 and 504. The Northeast Community Nodal Officer, Shri. Gharal, ACP, Shri. Sanjay Pawar Crime Branch/IB has been updated regarding the fateful episode and are standing beside the Northeast Community in Mumbai. We strive for equality and justice!
Posted on: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 18:55:52 +0000

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