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I normally wouldnt do this, but I got such a great response to this blog on the OCD support site that I thought Id share it here,as I believe it applies to everyone who is struggling with something . If were going to be completely honest, this is a lot closer to how my worldview works than most people realize. Theres a lot more positive during my day than negative. Heres the blog entry: Youre Not Better Off Dead. Ive only been on this site for about a week and already Ive twice seen the refrain I wish I were dead or its variant I sometimes think Id be better off if I dropped dead. I realize the majority of you have heard this at least, oh, a gajillion times (Thats right. I arbitrarily concoct my own numbers to make a point. Thats how I roll) from friends, family, clergy, therapists and whoever else over the years, but allow me to reinforce the notion just one more time ..youre not better off dead. One of my favorite graphic novels is the classic Watchmen. I also loved the film adaptation. In both, the only actual superpowered being in the story - Dr.Manhattan- makes a valid point about thermodynamic miracles in nature. Essentially, he akcnowledges that the birth of his girlfreind was in itself the thermodynamic miracle: Its the event that proves life is worth preserving because it happens against all odds in circumstances and ways it shouldnt be happening at all. In this instance, the fact that her parents- two people who had no business falling in love -would produce from their union a girl who would grow up to develop her precise , unique personality is against all of the odds of the universe. It may seem as if Im being superficial and slight about this, but Im not. Im entirely serious. This is a superb bit of wisdom. That it originates from the pages of a graphic novel is irrelevant. Each of us should remember this whenever we feel that its too much to deal with and that death would be preferable: The fact that you were born, the fact that you exist right now as you are, no matter how much of a struggle it may be, is in and of itself a miracle. You represent a triumph over universal odds. That those of you reading this have likely defied the natural, instinctive tendency to surrender to an illness and overcame or at least controlled your particular condition long enough to reach maturity, enter a website like this and interact in an akcnwoledgement that you need a support community makes you even more of a miracle. It would be a damned shame to throw someone so amazing away in a moment of grief. I know it can be hard, even nightmarish. I know that. Ive been there. I still get back there every so often. Its rough and , unfortunately, the reality is that for many of us it may be our collective road to hoe for the forseeable future. But think of it this way- not only are you stronger and more miraculous by nature every day youre still breathing and making a positive go of living life, youre setting an example for anyone else whos experiencing what you have. Youre showing them by your nature that it can be surived, that it can be dealt with. Youre better off alive. All of you. All of us. And the world is better for having so many living miracles in it.
Posted on: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 01:24:20 +0000

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