PROVERBS 16:8 BETTER A LITTLE WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS THAN MUCH GAIN WITH INJUSTICE. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Lord Jesus Christ; Injustice is always a bad personal insult and yet its potential to provoke our greedy hearts to sin makes it a double enemy. The devil uses these feelings to tempt us into believing that Lord God Almighty does not care and that we must use our own initiative to get what we think is fair. Even our grievances become the devils opportunity to tempt us away from trusting the Sovereign Lord. Loving families are governed by giving to each other: when demands and complaints take over, the essence of family life is lost. Many families have been divided over money. Apparent unfairness would be evident everywhere and believers should be taught to give wherever they can to relieve the suffering of anothers injustice; but the sort of bitterness which demands personal justice is really a mask for selfish greed, and is out of order in Sovereign Gods family. Men and women of faith are characterized by giving; not getting their own way and legalistically demanding their rights. True-hearted believers are content with what they have, while trusting Lord God Almighty and fervently praying that He will deliver them. So my beloved, wherever injustice rears its head; in the family, church or at work, recognize the temptation which will travel with it and place it before Lord Jesus Christ. He has the love and power to do what is right for you and those you love. Trust Him! Have a Victorious day in Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Almighty blesses you all. Stay blessed.
Posted on: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 12:00:17 +0000

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