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SAMYAMA ON LISTENING : Listening to others needs sacrificing ones own desires and ego to clearly comprehend in its totality what others want from you. Obeying is not shameful act for a man , it is listening and doing what others want in the most perfect way that can bring harmony between two people say in a couple. Our ego also wants us to do things that may not be always welcomed by others as right thing to do; they may have a directly opposite opinion; when this dilemma raises , what will you choose ? Do what your ego wants you to do or do what others want you to do ? If you do what others want you to do, you are proving that for the sake of perfect and harmonious relationship, you prefer sacrifice your own desires and resist to succumb to the nagging demand of you ego to go against others wish...Communication problems can be avoided if listening to others is elevated to the level of SAMYAMA. Just close your eyes and stay in silence on the rewards of yielding to others justified wishes that does not cross the yellow line of RIGHTEOUSNESS. You dont allow others to win over you but you let Dharma win over you. Whenever there is this dilemma it is better to overcome ego and serve others. Taste the pleasure of mastering ego is the best reward and once you tasted it , your bio-memory will store it as do cookies so that the work is more easier in the future. When you let Dharma win over you , you win. One day when you will need the most of DHARMA , it will save you.
Posted on: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 08:19:58 +0000

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