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We can all argue amongst ourselves as Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Barbadians and Caymanians from now till Kingdom come but until the powers that be from all sides find common cause and arrive at mutual consensus well be getting nowhere with CARICOM, CCJ or CSME. My generation (Generation CHANGE...Andrew Holness not included) is past and post Federation and those who even know of it only know so thru lessons in history and politics at the CAPE and tertiary level. My Trini and Bajan bothers and sisters, understand that through institutions like UWI & West Indies cricket this generation is much closer to Caribbean identity, unity and multi-culturalism than previous generations and it is old thinking that continues to separate us. Understand that despite international recognition as the heartbeat of the Caribbean (some of you may not like this :-) and some of our inflamed egos as a result we do not consider ourselves superior or better than anyone else (only in competive sports like football... kidding :-) or maybe not but yes only nationally and in competition but not individually and as people or beings. Understand that we love soca as much as you love reggae. Understand that we love Rihanna and Nicki as much as id like to believe (despite the various artiste bans) you love our Reggae artistes and even some of our more controversial Dancehall artistes. Understand that very few of us are ganja toting gun toting deviants. Understand that majority of us are decent law abiding hard working individuals who expect to be treated respectfully and equally just like im sure majority of you are respectful individuals that share in our triumphs on the world stage identifying as part of the Caribbean identity. Any boycott or such threats is not only a result of recent happenings, but also tensions in recent years and a signal that there is a real and immediate problem that needs addressing. If Jamaica was to treat any other Caribbean Island as we have been so treated in the past few years then you would also have a problem like we are now having. Time we stop the lip service to this notion of a Caribbean Community if thats all CARICOM is...a notion.
Posted on: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 23:34:39 +0000

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