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1)... YOUR PROPER IDENITY / Who Is Defining You in 2008??? The citizens of all free national governments, according to their national constitution, are all of one family bearing one free national name. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables and are subject to all the inferior abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national laws of a free national government and cling to the names and principles that delude to slavery. Prophet Noble Drew Ali Who Goes There? “Who goes there?” is a proper question usually asks in national defense or home security. The answer must be complied with according to diplomacy, law and required authentication. “Just because you were born here does not make you a citizen” exclaimed Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The first time he was recorded making this profound statement was in Newark, New Jersey 1919. Now, January 1, 2008 the enforcements of a 2005 legislative pendulum “HR-418 Federal Identification Act” are now in full swing. The Prophet‟s warning to the Moorish was ignored then and also when reiterated by his #1 Defender, Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey. The issue of “National Identification” has become the order in today‟s European-Rule World. Make no misconception or „down-play the reality of Bill H-R 418. To the unproclaimed nation of free born Moorish Americans this Bill is as deadly as the political Ax of Old George used to chop down the first Cherry Tree. Article one of the US Constitution severed (Denationalized) the descendant nature of the West African Nationals from the Kingdom of Morocco, Egypt of The West and Capitol of the Moorish Empire. Hold That Thought HATE WARNING: To all young strong Moorish American Brothers and Sisters. Because you were born in a society of hatred, political unrest and distorted education does not mean you must live and die in those governments. That just ain‟t living! Hatred is an unnatural, heart blinding psychic disorder of the human lower self. It breeds everything that harms rich in promises but poor in blessedness and Islamism. You can also tell a hater because he or she gives apples that are lovely to the eye (of the soul) pleasant to the smell but leaves
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