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11-03-14 The African-American economic summit! A riveting look intoThe potential power of global black Group Economics On the next #zowhat? Morning showTradioV every MONDAY at 11am to 1pm PST/PDT 2pm to 4pm EST 855-878-4652 Question: Is the concept of group economics the real messiah for the black community? Can America blacks ever hope to maintain a fruitful business relationship with our African family, all while maintaining the social & economic rift that exists amongst ourselves here in America? Is there any validity to Charles Barkley & Bill Cosbys view of Black America? Are black-owned businesses the worst at providing high-quality customer service? Which ethnic group would most Americans rather do business with? Would most Americans ( of varying ethnic groups ) rather do business with white Americans? Do most black people prefer to do business with white Americans than they do with black Americans? How would group economics benefit the African-American community, as well as our African brothers-through shared Business interests? True or false? Black owned and run and businesses only care about the money that is to be made, and have very little regard for their customers satisfaction? Is it too late for Africans in America and the diaspora to gain enough economic footing to compete in the 21st century? What are the biggest mistakes we make as individuals that stop us from competing? What are the biggest mistakes we make as a collective? How does the current status of the Black family impact Black economic development? What are the prospects for the black person to move from Wannapreneur to Entrepreneur in this era? What are the possible linkages for economic development and in empowerment between the US and other African countries? What are US Blacks missing or not understanding with regard to Blacks globally?Are American blacks myopic?
Posted on: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 17:07:20 +0000

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