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AMAZING OFFER !!!! To celebrate our CEOs birthday on Friday Join Your inspiration at home this week end and you will get the business KIT for only $48 ( Business Kits regularly $ 99) Promotion is 12 am January 17th to 10 pm on Sunday 18th ( offer for Australia and USA only) Its not finish, this month our Joining special is 2 bonus dips for free when you purchase our Business KIT Like what you see, why not joining YIAH, I would love to have you on my team. Great oppportunity to make money at home and move in to Leadership quickly as this company has been launched recently in the US. Your inspiration at Home gathers the world around one table, with flavours you simply cant find in a store or anywhere else. (Dip Mixes,Dukkahs,couscous and rice blends,Flavoured Olive Oils,Unique Vinegars,Speciality Salts,Meat Rubs,Dry Glazes,Baking spices,Flavoured sugars,Chocolate powders and Vibrant Teas) All ingredients are without added Gluten,MSG or preservatives YIAH is coming to Canada very soon this year, im currently taking expression of interest for Canada For more details you can PM me or contact me on my website
Posted on: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 06:11:14 +0000

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