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Al Salam Alaykoum Everyone ! Hope you are all doing great InshAllah :) I am Farah Rihan! Third year Commerce student! And I am running for Islamic Programming sisters InshAllah. My goals for this year InshAllah are : • Increase and correct the communitys knowledge about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). • Have a sense of family that encourages us to get closer to Allah . • Make Islamic teachings easily accessible for Muslims and non-Muslims . • Demonstrate that our religion encourages us to act with mercy and give positive feedbacks to our community. • Improve the facilities in the musalah • Make learning our religion more interactive. • Demonstrate that Islam doesnt oppress women! • I was blessed to be the IAW resource management director this year AlhamdullAlh! As well as the Islamic programming sister subcommittee for this winter term .My main goal when I joined the MSA council , was to increase the number of Islamic lecture attendees and Alhamdoullah, I was able to accomplish that in the Beautiful Submission Halaqa . And AlhamdullAh , I Co organized the professors Appreciation act as well Jazakoum Allah khair :)
Posted on: Thu, 03 Apr 2014 05:00:02 +0000

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