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Am reposting this because Joe Costello TD basically exposes the hidden agenda to privatise our water. He has the inside word and backs it up. My fb pal Claire Ni Fhearghail went to the effort of posting on the actual transcript of his speech. It makes for stark reading. All Kenny and Kellys lies have been exposed. I for one no longer trust them to run our country in our best interests. This is text of speech. Thanks again Claire VIP WE HAVE REAL REASON TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVATISATION OF OUR WATER We need to follow this up. My own belief is that there is a contract for sale, or a commitment to a contract for sale, written or unwritten, between our government (political and/or administrative), and one or more private entities for the transfer of our water to private ownership/control. I believe that any commitment such as this would not have to be disclosed in public as it can be argued that it was only part of many options being considered for the future of our water. But that’s just my opinion. This is an excerpt of the text of Joe Costello, TD from this video. See for yourselves. “I remain deeply concerned at other agendas, they may be European, I don’t know where they are coming from as to why we couldn’t and shouldn’t have a referendum on Irish water never, ever, ever, ever, ever, going into private ownership. And there never being a possibility of it in this State and the legislation and the Constitutional referendum to copper fasten that. Because we have reason to be concerned, I believe we have real reason to be concerned. And thus I am convinced that there are other forces at work here, they may not necessarily be political forces, I don’t know where they are coming from, but they’re there and they are active and they do have an influence. I know people mightn’t like that but I think that must be said. And I am aware of other issues, which I’ll bring to the Minister’s attention privately perhaps, when this debate is over, which might inform him of other areas he could look within the Department for confirmation of some of the things I am talking about here.” (If you share this, the text I have written will not share with the video. Copy my text and paste it into the comment box when you share) https://youtube/watch?v=5KQygGbkNwM
Posted on: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 11:54:15 +0000

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