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Awakening by Ashok K. Bhargava There are no illusions here. Listen to the silence as it echoes around you. Do you know what I mean? I am the elements. For, I am the earth. I am the sky. I am the fire. I am the water. I am the wind. I come and I go, as I wish. My signs are everywhere. For, I am the sun. I am the moon. I am the mountain. I am the river. I am the forest. Nothing is beyond me. I transcend all. For, I am the man. I am the woman. I am the beast. I am the fish. I am the feast. All are in me and I am in all. I am the essence of existence. For, I am the sound. I am the sight. I am the smell. I am the touch. I am the taste. Nothing escapes me. I have many names, None fits me very well, But none is my true name anyway, So what’s the difference? I think, therefore I am. About the author Ashok K. Bhargava Ashok is a poet, writer, committed community activist, public speaker and a keen photographer. Based in Vancouver, he continues to combine in his life, all of the above yet it is apparent that his main passion is poetry. Ashok writes both in English and Hindi, and has published several selections of his poems: Mirror of Dreams, A Kernel of Truth, Skipping Stones and Lost in the Morning Calm, among others. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. He has been a featured poet on CBC, CFMQ 105 radio and Channel M television. He was also featured at the Word on the Street, the Asian Heritage Month and International Story Tellers Festivals. Ashok has written for The Canada Times Magazine and the East West News, Asian Journal, The Link, Indo-Canadian Voice and many other newspapers. Ashok is a Poet Laureate and recipient of many awards and distinctions. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics. youtube/watch?v=wsoE8iigudI&
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