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Big Football weekend for me personally ... heres whats happening ... maybe I can meet some of you? Japan v Jamaica in Niigata tonight - how will YOU be watching it? I am on the way although I am very tempted to stop off in Tokyo and take it in at a public viewing or bar, and meet some people! Shibuya? Maybe - anyone watching there? Its also INAC Kobe v Beleza in Kobe tonight ... I finally got the wife to go to a match and I wont be with her (bonus, for her, you say?!) ... but she has a friend or three going to watch INAC - my mission is continuing :-) Saturday 11.30 AM it is KR&AC (founded 1870, the first sports club founded - and the first football team to play - in Japan) v YC&AC 144 years of history, about 125 games (earthquakes and wars put paid to some of the annual matches!)... if you are in the Yokohama area (nearest station Yamate, then walk or taxi up the hill to YC&AC - everyone knows it around there) please feel free to come and shout encouragement or abuse! In fact, if anyone fancies a game, message me - we could use another player, or two (first come, first served!). Then its Kawasaki Frontale v Gamba Osaka on Sunday, as the biggest typhoon in history looks set to descend upon the area! Right now I plan to return to Kobe on Sunday night after the game but all forecasts expect trains to be stopped by then? Whats REALLY nice is that while Yoshito Okubos home is apparently full already (!), he and his wife are asking other players for standby accommodation for me if I cant get home! Now thats a nice touch, dont you think? Anyway, enough about my coming weekend of football - what about you? Wherever you are in the world... what (not necessarily Japanese) football are you planning to watch, play, get involved in this weekend?
Posted on: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:03:06 +0000

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