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Continued prayer is needed: Update from Danielles mom - Danielle Enberg is not doing real well today. She is going to be getting some blood in a few minutes. We have held off as long as we can. She hit 5.6 today. She is scared as it can change her antigens and I may nit be a match then. So keep that one in hour prayers . She is hitting temps of 101.4. They did ultra sounds and xrays yesterday. She was up to 121# before dialysis this morning. She will be doing dialysis everyday this week to try to get 20# off her if possible. They did a liver ultra sound today and the Dr was just in and they said it was ok. Still think the fevers are the phenomena and from the talc they put around her lungs. Good New is she is going off the continuous pain pump. She will have oral pain meds available if she needs them. Will keep you up on how she is doing. God bless you all.
Posted on: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 04:14:15 +0000

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