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Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid (1L) - Certified for cleaning fruits & vegetables -Non-toxic cleaner for dishes & cutlery - Gentle to hands - Made with mild surfactants - safe and gentle to the skin - Powerful enough to get rid of grease and even dried-on mess - With softening and soothing Aloe Vera, anti-inflammatory botanical shiso, and AHA to protect your hands - 证明能用来洗蔬菜和水果 - 无毒的洗碗液 - 对皮肤安全 - 有益去除污渍 - 含有清凉的芦荟, 能保护你的双手 As shown below, the grapes are soaked in plain water and in diluted dish drops for 5 minutes. The grapes soaked in the dish drops turned out to be cleaner and tastier. 以下图案显示, 把葡萄泡在开水和稀释的洗碗液五分钟, 被泡在洗碗液里的葡萄变得跟加干净和好吃。 Use good products at home, bringing hygienic food to your and your family! 在家里使用好的产品, 为你和你的家人带来跟干净的食物! Interested parties please PM me! 有兴趣者请 PM 我!
Posted on: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 03:53:02 +0000

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