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From Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Town and Country Planning Department, Haryana Chandigarh. To The Director General, Town and Country Planning, Haryana, Chandigarh. Memo No. LC-147-II/2012/7/16/2006-2TCP Dated: 14.06.2012 SUBJECT: POLICY FOR ALLOTMENT OF LAND/ FLATS EARMARKED FOR ECONOMICALLY WEAKER SECTIONS IN THE LICENSED COLONIES. Ref: - This office Memo No.LC-147-7/16/2006-2TCP dated 03.02.2010 and dated 16.06.2010 on the subject cited above. The Govt. has reconsidered the issues raised in the communication/representations received from Housing Board, Haryana and the colonizers. In partial supersession of the earlier policy dated 03.02.2010 and subsequent modification dated 16.06.2010, following guidelines have been framed which may be followed:- 1 (i). The colonizer shall transfer all the EWS category plots provided in the residential licenced plotted colony to the Housing Board, Haryana @ Rs. 500/- per sq. yard. Housing Board, Haryana, will construct residential units and follow the provision of population/density provided in approved layout plan/zoning plan and allot the same at a reasonable cost approved by the Govt. to the BPL families only. In order to provide accommodation to more and more genuine BPL families and to prevent misuse of these residential units, Housing Board, Haryana may also earmark these residential units for rental housing scheme for BPL families of Town, Districts and State. (ii). The colonizer shall transfer 100% EWS category plots to Housing Board, Haryana, within one month after approval of zoning plan. The development works in the area of EWS category plots will be completed on priority, so that Housing Board, Haryana can construct the houses and allot the same within the initial validity period of four years of the license. (iii). The allotment of residential units constructed in Group Housing Colonies will be done by the colonizers as per the policy dated 03.02.2010. 2. The following guidelines shall be followed for allotment of EWS flats by the colonizers and the plots already advertised for allotment in the licensed colonies before the decision mentioned at 1(i) above:-(i) In order to make the scheme transparent for allotment of flats, advertisement will be given in one of the leading English National dailies and two newspapers in vernacular languages having circulation of more than ten thousand copies in the said District and should include details like schedule of payment, number of plots/flats, size etc. The Advertisement should also highlight the other essential requirements as envisaged in this policy. No further advertisement will be issued for the allotment of EWS plots in licensed colonies as they are now required to be transferred to Housing Board, Haryana. (ii). The flats constructed in Group Housing Colonies will be allotted at maximum price of Rs. 1,50,000/- per flat by the colonizers by following eligible criteria given below:- (a). Any person registered as BPL family which includes his/her spouse or his/her dependent children who do not own any flat/ plot in any HUDA Sector/licenced colony in any of the Urban Areas in the State, will be eligible for making the application. Only one application will be made by one BPL family. (b). First preference will be given to the BPL families listed in the same town and followed by listed in the District and then in the State. (c) Complete scheme shall be floated for allotment in one go within four months of grant of licence or sanction of building plans whichever is later and possession of flats shall be offered within the validity period of 4 years of the licence. (d). The guidelines regarding procedure to be followed for scrutiny of the application forms as conveyed vide directorate memo no. 53-89 dated 01.04.2011 shall also be adhered to. (e). The allotment will be done through draw of lots in the presence of Committee consisting of Deputy Commissioner or his representative (at least of the cadre of Haryana Civil Services), Senior Town Planner of the Circle, Representative of Director, Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and Developer/Colonizer concerned. The list of successful allottees shall be published in one of the leading English National Dailies and two newspapers in Vernacular languages. (f). The date of draw of lots will be fixed by DTCP. (g). The colonizers is required to get commensurate number of building plans of EWS component approved while submitting the building plans of main component in group housing colonies. (h). It needs to be ensured at the time of grant of occupation certificate in case of group housing colonies and grant of part completion certificate for plotted colonies that the proportionate number of EWS units stand constructed & allotted and land reserved for EWS plots stands transferred to Housing Board, Haryana. (i). In case of surrender of plot/flat by the successful applicant, the entire amount deposited by him will be refunded. No part of amount deposited by the applicant will be deducted by the colonizer. (j). If any successful applicant fails to deposit the installments within the time period as prescribed in the allotment letter issued by the colonizer, a reminder may be issued to him for depositing the due installments within a period of 15 days from the date of issue of such notice. If the allottee still defaults in making the payment, the list of such defaulters may be published in one regional Hindi news-paper for payment of due amount within 15 days from the date of publication of such notice, failing which allotment shall be cancelled. (k). In order to avoid duplicacy and misuse of plots by successful candidates of BPL category, the colonizer shall fix a rubber stamp of his Company on the BPL card of the allottee, till the time UID cards are not made compulsory and thereafter the entry of the number of UID card of BPL candidates will be compulsory in the application Form. 3. The allotment of these plots/ flats can also be made with the approval of the Govt. to a specific category of people in public interest on recommendations of a Committee headed by the Divisional Commissioner consisting of concerned Deputy Commissioner, Administrator, HUDA, STP & DTP. This category may include slum-dwellers, occupying precious Government land and who are to be rehabilitated as per policy/ court orders etc. or persons who have constructed houses on the acquired land and are eligible for rehabilitation as per Government decision/ court orders or the persons who have to be allotted outsets quota plots but the same are not readily available with HUDA/ Government. The above guidelines may also be brought to the notice of concerned officers/colonizers for strict compliance. Sd/- (T.C. Gupta, I.A.S.) Special Secretary, For: Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Town & Country Planning Department, Chandigarh
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