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God is good all the time! Time never lies! People who seek quick fixes to their problems always seem to fall back into them. We change daily, we grow daily. Life is about progress! Im not the man I was last year and I wouldnt even recognize the man I was 10 years back. And if I could see that scared little kid growing up in Queens I would give him a hug and tell him youre going to make it through and your life is going to be amazing! Time never lies! When we want to erupt it is always better to give it some time first because after a few minutes or hours or days, we realize just how unimportant the issue we were facing was. Or how severe the consequences of a quick reaction could have been! Time never lies! We share intimate details of our life for the world to see and judge after a brief second of pain or joy. Are we that insecure that we need to get approval from long lost acquaintances whether we should eat chicken or fish for dinner? Or to share our most deepest fears or pain felt with people who read our page like reading the daily post and keep scrolling? Time never lies! I was told once by a teacher when I was young that time never lies, the context was people say what they will do, or not do, where they will go, or not go, and how they will live in a breath, but that time always tells the truth regardless to how we feel in the moment! Last year was a very hard year and I felt the struggle. Now I know that was God preparing me for this year! :) BECAUSE TIME NEVER LIES! God bless Facebook homies Live, laugh, love and always keep God above! :)
Posted on: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:17:09 +0000

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