HOW TO KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE BEING PLAYED OR CHEATED ON FACEBOOK: 1.He/she will be calling you sweet names in your inbox but in your wall he will be calling you *dear* or your name. 2.If you comment on his/her photo he/she will only say (thanks dear) to avoid other lovers suspecting. 3.If you update a status instead of him/her commenting on your wall he /she will go & comment in your inbox. 4.If you call him/her sweet name on his/her wall he/she will not reply, the highest thing he/she will do is to Like the comment. 5.If you update a status instead of him/her to comment on it he/she will only Like it but in your inbox he/she will be telling you about the whole status. 6.On your wall posts he/she will be communicating with you as a relative HERE IS HOW TO DEAL WITH IT 1.If you are in a serious relationship, you should send him/her a relationship request so that everyone will see who is he/she in love with 2.Instead of inbox, try chatting with him/her on his/her wall more. (some always have an excuse e.g: my mum is on facebook and she is my friend so I don’t want her to see that I am seeing someone or l dont want people to know because l am protecting our relationship and a whole lot other silly excuses, but my question is till when are you gonna hide your relationship and why are you hiding it since you are saying it’s a serious one? If that means everyone is gonna know about you two then so be it. 3.Discuss how the time you spend together was, on the wall. 4.Express how much you love each other on the wall (yes it sounds crazy to some of you but at times that’s what it will only take to know where you stand with your Mr/Mrs Right/Right Now) Dont be fooled guys, you might be one facing these. Wake up!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, IF YOU CANNOT DO ANY OF THESE THINGS STOP LYING TO HIM/HER THAT YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM……
Posted on: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 20:22:45 +0000

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