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Have you met a CASH-Man? We have heard of Superman, Batman, Spiderman. What is Cash-man?!!!! He pays everything in CASH! At 27 years old, he paid for his new BMW in CASH! At 40 years old, he bought a RM2.5M pent-house like apartment with CASH! He is also the founder of a huge international company and the huge Trust Fund! Come 4th of Dec 2014, come meet one of the key man behind this HUGE company ! Mr Kevin Our very own Malaysian boy, retired in his early 40s, is not only an international business coach, but an exceptional international businessman. His vast exposure with the Fortune top 100 companies had allowed him to turn a small company into one of the GIANTS. His wisdom, his knowledge and entrepreneur skills, will be shared by the person himself during this Spectacular Sharing Session. You even get a chance to know how to start OnlIne Trading and the benefits of doing so. ALL you need to know about start-up investments, wisdom in business and entrepreneur skills. THE FEES IS ONLY RM10 PER ENTRY (100% will be donated to Worlds Volunteer Day, 6th Dec 2014) DONT MISS OUT THIS CHANCE. ALL YOU NEED IS ONE PERSON, ONE OPPORTUNITY, AND ONE DEAL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE AND THIS COULD BE YOUR DAY! Register at the link right below: eventbrite.sg/e/angel-warriors-primus-child-foundation-tickets-14658186029IS
Posted on: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 11:39:41 +0000

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