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Hey friends! This month we really need YOUR help for the June video of The DIY Music Project! This month’s song is inspired by the places + spaces that we have had to say goodbye to…sort of an ‘In Memoriam’ of sorts. How can you help? We want to fill the video clip with some of the spaces that have contributed to YOUR story. The room you grew up in, the hall you first performed in, the church you got married in… whether it was the earthquake or just life change that removed you from the places that you loved, we’ve all had to say goodbye at some point. We would love for you to send us an image/images that we can include – they can be photo’s, paintings, drawings…just something visual that represents a space that has held special meaning for you, so that we can celebrate and remember them. If you have an image for us, just email it to: [email protected] with a little description of how this space has contributed to your life. We only have a few days to gather the images we need, so the cut-off date is Tuesday 25th June. We need at least 20 images to make the video happen so if you could take a moment to help us out that would be so great We needcut-off date is Wednesday 26th June. Thanks for supporting the DIY music project, can’t wait to hear your stories – June is going to be a good good month!!!
Posted on: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 22:51:41 +0000

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