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Howdy there boys and girls-all you having a dandy day? Here too and I just got a minutes to write a word or two. This weather is spoiling us a little making us think were actually having a real season for the first time in how long. Well just soak it in while it lasts saving it for a dreary winter day memory. Things are rolling along like a snowball headed for heck in BHC with the smart squirrels storing up for cold days and the smarter squirrels figuring how to live off the gatherers. It sometimes makes one wonder whether the toil is worth it but the self satisfaction factor is accomplishing some task on ones own still motivates enough people to keep the world going round. Did anyone catch the senate debate last eve? I think thats why the air was so warm all night from the heat generated by the campaigners. We hope the best wins fer sure. Of course the debate also goes on in DC over just how much money to spend on ebola control hiring experts and studying it until the have the general populace in a total panic. In reality the regular flu kills more folks every year in this country but I guess theres always the chance for a runaway super virus some wish for to appear. Maybe we could drop some little bugs on the ISIS folks and tone them down a little. In other news reasonable people just went about their business, took care of their families and got not a word written about them...Gazette!
Posted on: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:36:32 +0000

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