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I have a serious concern that needs to be addressed. IVDD and other disc problems. There are so many dogs that either have IVDD or some other disc related issues needing carts Im seeing a disturbing trend in the request I recieve. If there are any experts in this matter, vets or people with personal experience that would like to chime in an opinion please feel free to do so or correct me if Im wrong. Im pretty sure from everything Ive read and even personal experience with my beagle Lucy (rip) that when disc injuries occur one of the first things done if surgery is not an option for whatever reason is meds and crate rest for up to 6 weeks to allow time for healing. What Im seeing is people whose dog went down on a Tuesday and theyre wanting a cart on Friday. Ive read quite a bit about this stuff and havent seen anybody thinking it was a good idea to put a dog who has a chance Of recovery into a cart immediately as more and permanent damage could occur. Feel free to correct me if Im wrong. I know for sure that people panic but just because they cant walk today doesnt mean they wont be able to in a few weeks. PATIENCE is a virtue. Please dont get impatient and hurt you dog further just because you want them up. Consult your vet and ask them when it time to get one. I have heard from a lot of people that some vets say they will probably need to be put down. If your vet says this to you get another vet. They would probably steer you wrong anyway. When my Whitey got to where she couldnt walk I most definitely panicked but she had cancer and there was no recovery for her. Please put a little thought into this before you purchase a cart or ask me for one. Once again, anyone with legit knowledge of this please share your views.
Posted on: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 02:13:30 +0000

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