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“I sell second hand-clothes. 3 days ago a customer gave me ksh29,000 .I took the money straight to my boyfriend’s house. The next day I checked my bag 5000bob was missing, it was only me and him at home and when I asked him if he took the money he claimed he didn’t touch my bag.Whenever my guy wants something he asks. Anyway after that I never said a word. This is the second time this has happened but it was just 1k the last time and I let it slip but this one was my business money! I was angry and crying that day the 5,000 bob got lost. we never spoke to each other He later said he will give me back the money and I refused !I left the house the next morning back to my house he sent me a text saying I should come back and get my money I did not go back .. He called insisting I should come back to his house, I did and he gave me the 5,000.since then I have been calling him but he has refuses to pick my calls. Did he break up with me coz of this? Was I wrong to suspect him? im so confused…Chanueni huu mrembo,CHANUKA DADA with LINDA
Posted on: Sun, 11 May 2014 07:51:45 +0000

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