IMPUNITY IS WORST THAN CORRUPTION ,IT FEEDS CORRUPTION TO AN EXTENT OF IT GROUND COVERING THE NIGERIAS LANDSCAPE. PLIABLE TAILORED TO MAKE IT A DEFAULT ORIENTATION SETTING IN SOCIETY NIGERIA, WE WERE ONCE. TOLD EVEN PERSUADED TO BELIEVE THAT POLITICIANS ARE THE MASTERS OF CORRUPTION BUT THE MEDICAL TEAM THAT EXAMINE SENATOR ABE BEFORE HE TRAVELLED TO UK TO. EMBARRASS NIGERIA ARE NOT POLITICIANS. ....... At the Krisany Hospital in Port Harcourt, where the senator was rushed to, the Medical Director, Dr. Mckay Anyanwu, said he (lawmaker) had internal bleeding after being hit by rubber bullet,,,whereas the British Health Authorities have expressed their anger with Nigeria Medical Team and officers that examined and signed the result and the Health certificate that enabled Senator Magnus Abe to be flown into the United Kingdom. One of the Health Team member, who saw Senator Abe in the London Bridge Hospital, queried, what kind of medical practitioners do they have in Nigeria to have issued a health certificate to a man that was not sick or injured? According to the British Health Autority Team, there was no trace of injury on him neither was there any treatment given to him apart from a drug called antipyretic (whatever it means). The lawmaker is in a ward where people with shock are kept, not even emergency ward or wards for people that have bullet wounds, whether live or rubber.
Posted on: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 04:18:51 +0000

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