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It seems like a lifetime ago when I first heard of the Bosnian Pyramids and instantly I saw they would change the way we see our past, If proven true. Back then when Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagich (discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids) made his claims they were just what they looked like, mountains,,, but not your ordinary mountains. As these years have passed by I keep seeing my 1st feelings of the find coming true. I wasnt swayed one bit by Dr. Robert Schochs hasty call on them. { Ill leave that one here for now} Yes, I was patient and the other day before this years conference I remembered a conversation I had with Klaus on their age we had just before the one last year, #4 I believe. While we were chatting I told Klaus I felt they were Pre-Ice Age and asked what did he think, well, he wouldnt speculate because the tests were not back yet. He wouldnt tell me and I had to wait till the Conference released the dating window. He can be a tough old buzzard sometimes and that is one of the things I respect about his Methods. {WOW, as I was typing that last sentence I was catapulted from my seat. I was concentrating on this status and my Skype went off and the speakers were full blast and well,,, hang on I have to change my underwear,,,, Klaus called me I had better not call him an old buzzard anymore huh } Anyway back to my excitement over the carbon dating information,,,,,I was really smiling because that date was the last hinge on the door of the deep past. That door we needed to open that was blocking my view from where I stood on the threshold of the Back Door I found in Egyptian Illusion. Now with the information we got this year is more than one step into understanding the importance of this Enigma of Gigantic proportions we are calling the Bosnian Pyramids. Maybe some day we will learn what the Builders called them. Uh you think it may be a name we know but have never been able to connect to one particular. So all of you that are on the other side of the fence or even sitting on it over these Pyramids, Mark Klauss words when he said 100% Positive (Y) (Y) (Y) https://vimeo/105483113
Posted on: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:13:27 +0000

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