MDC-T FAMILY ************ YOU ARE ADVISED TO OPEN YOUR EYES RENEWAL EGGS HATCHING IN YOUR NEW DISTRICT STRUCTURES ------------------ Just a day after I reposted the list of rebels who attended a secret meeting in March thinking our eyes are closed, I have unearthed another weevil with a demon of delay. She pretended to be with us.... SEKAI HOLLAND INOMBOITA NEZVEI MBUYA IYI: She is a typical example of why the MDC should be weary of and vigilant with its former members and any members who say they are still its members, but who have exhibit rebel tendencies. The former Minister for reconciliation whose ministry did nothing for the duration of the inclusive government, is quoted calling Morgan Tsvangirai the “godfather of intra-party violence.” She has been allowed to issue this statement and announce her decision to join a group calling itself MDC Renewal Team because the MDC-T allowed her to continue pretending that she is still in the MDC while she was busy featherbedding her renewal party. The MDC-T allowed her to continue claiming to be a member of the Guardians Council even when she did not repudiate her reported appointment as the acting president of Renewal Team at the illegal Mandel Training Center meeting. Now they have held another meeting at the Zimbabwe Womens Bureau, following which she has now announced her crossing the floor, which means that she has been busy spying and planting spies in the MDC-T while everyone believed that she was still with us. The reason used to accept her in MDC was that she had not confirmed that she was indeed an orange, but this raises the issue of how many others are in the MDC who claim to be with us yet they are busy weevilling through MDC restructures. Others have even gone as far as saying that the fact that they attended a Renewal Meeting does not mean that they are Renewal, because it is their democratic right to attend any meeting to hear what is going on there. This has has to be guarded against, because the renewal rebels have clearly laid their eggs in the MDC-T structures and these eggs are hatching one after the other and infecting the structures. Rebel agents may still be inside the MDC-T destabilizing its structures and even trying to take leadership positions so that eventually they might deliver the structure to renewal. Meanwhile the structures are waiting to hear from the national leadership of the MDC-T, yet, the national leadership itself is not made up of gods and may well also be infiltrated, because Renewals use money. It is therefore up to activists in all structures to ensure that they guard against anyone who has been known to attend Rebel meetings, express rebel sentiments and those who are not clear about where they stand. The Renewal group is also known to have been siphoning money from the MDC and may well be using that money to buy its way into the party, thus Ms Holland has been prevaricating all this time, but has now suddenly announced that she is now assuming the role of interim party president of Renewal. Clearly it means that she feels that she is now assured of the money that she wanted. But her announcement may also be an acknowledgement of the failure to resolve the power struggle between Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma, which had apparently become toxic in the rebel group, so a compromise candidate had to be found. She claimed that she had up to June been trying to mediate the return of Biti and Mangoma to the fold, but if the mediation failed in June why has it taken her up to September to declare her position. We said immediately after Mandel that there was no mediation that we were involved with the rebel group, and this is still the case. So there is obviously more than meets the eye here, and the MDC-T structures should guard against weevils that may have been planted in their structures. Dont say I ddnt tell you Polite Musarurwa MDC-T ONLINE SPOKISIWUMANI
Posted on: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 11:54:29 +0000

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