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Nae doing a conventional Q/A chat thread this week but I hope tae get lots of comments and maybe questions on this matter. Ill be aroond most of the day tae contribute. First of all I have tae say that this is a free country and people are entitled tae do whatever they want tae do with their lives. Also I dinnae know the backgrounds of everyone, plus I dinnae judge people I have nae met, I always think the best of people unless they give me a reason nae tae. However Ive noticed there does seem tae be a lot of people, particularly on FB, but in life in general too, who seem tae be more interested in looking pretty than doing something useful with their lives. Im talking in particular aboot young fit men! Now I understand everyone likes/wants tae be attractive tae others, but I personally dinnae understand why they would nae want tae do some guid. Maybe its just me but if yer have the dedication tae train and get yerself fit, why would yer nae join the military, the police force, the fire service or be a life-guard etc etc. Like I said earlier, people who choose tae do this are nae doing anything wrong, Im sure theyre nice people, I just personally dinnae get how anyone would nae want tae help others if they could, rather than just pose! I mean, look at Pat Tillman, he was a fit, guid looking young guy who had a career in the NFL, but he gave it up tae serve his country! Also yer quite often see members of the military sing the National Anthem at sporting events, Im sure some of them could have a career in the music industry but they chose tae serve their countries instead. So, I guess my long-winded post was getting tae this question - What makes someone want tae join the military/police/fire service etc etc? Is it in yer DNA? Is it something yer learn in yer upbringing? Is it just a personal choice? And also a question tae those of yer who are parents - Did yer or will yer encourage/discourage yer children fae joining a service and why? Very interested in peoples opinions - thanks ;)
Posted on: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 19:30:40 +0000

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