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Napa-isip tuloy akO, -_- . S.V: do you have plan of having a boyfriend? Ako: buuuh..non lo so..I dont know.. - you know at that age you must start having a relationship that you two both know or plan to last.from in a relationship to engagement to wedding! Ako: hahaha,I cant just grab someone somewhere and told him,I Love You and Will You Love Me Too and were on a relationship or worst that guy dont like me,Hahaha..As for now,Im too busy loving,providing and caring for my family..I do believe that special guy,that one who will accept me for being just me exist,but maybe hes somewhere out there playing Online Games,Basketball,Studying,Working or maybe having fun flirting with other girls hoping hell find me. :-) - Hahaha..I was just wondering youre too young for doing this for your family,your different from other child,at your age..they only want partying etc.bla bla. Maybe having someone taking care of you is not bad! You must have fun,okey? Flirt all you want..cause your not getting younger .. A: No worries,until my age still exist at the Calendar I dont have to worry about! And partying? sometimes I do Love going to a Party, :-) . - Hahaha,youre so cute :) .party with your family? about friends? A: friends? My mother is my bestfriend,my father is my escort,my sisters and cousins are my friends..I only trust few person in my isnt enough? - Hahahaha,youre life was too BORING,Girl lighten up dont hide your awesomeness! A: ok. ~ my Gas..Im bleeding.
Posted on: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 08:29:09 +0000

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