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New Air conditioned trains arrive Newly acquired five 68 seater air conditioned coaches by the Nigeria Railway Corporation in Lagos on Monday. It will be recalled that other air conditioned trains are already in use. The Nigeria Railway Corporation, NRC has taken delivery of five additional 68-seater air conditioned coaches, two 16-seater rail buses and eighteen 5- seater Motorised Trolleys. the new coaches will be deployed over the next two weeks on an extension of the train service from Makurdi to Gombe passing through Lafia, Kanfanchan, Kuru, Jos, Bauchi and with a spur line from Kanfanchan to Kaduna. while the two new rail buses will be deployed for inspection of certain parts of the rail network, the eighteen motorized trolleys will be allocated to railway maintenance engineers to facilitate regular inspection and maintenance of the tracks. “However, for the commissioning purpose,they will be deployed to the Makurdi Railway station, where it will be commissioned on Thursday, 22nd January. The commissioning will be taking place along with the flagging off of the intercity passenger service that runs from Makurdi to Port Harcourt. As a matter of fact, the trains will be moving from Makurdi, following the flag off, to Port Harcourt,” A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. #I_will_Vote_President_Goodluck_Ebele_Jonathan_Feb_14
Posted on: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 07:30:42 +0000

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