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Nino Brown > Ons Kallitz Ken Jokes Dear Blackman.. 1. Its eleven not leven 2. Its the year before last, not last of last year 3. Its certified copies not satisfied copies 4. Its Sunday session not Sunday section 5. Its glitters not di-shineshine 6. Its mayonnaise not mayonisi 7. Its a wall not stop nonsonso 8. Its umbrella not sumbrela 9. Its a passage not pachisi 10. Its gear box not jerbox 11. Its rubbish bin not dustbin 12. Its a hump not bambara 13. Its a nail polish not cutex or shoetex. 14. Its certificate not stevecate 15. Its a radio not fm 16. Its wors not voroso 17. Its mxit not migzit 18. Its pretoria not pitoria 19. its Jackie Chan not jikky China 20. its Schwarzenegger not Sos nega 21. Its peanut butter not pina batha 22. Its not number phones but phone numbers 23. Its anaconda not andaconda 24. Its an eraser not rubber 25. Its Something not sunthing/sumfin 26. Its Steel wool not stilulu 27. Its Tissue not Thushu 28. Its whatsApp not whatsUp 29. Its a lollipop not storkwsweets 30. Its Vereeniging not Vrenageng 31. Its vaseline not baslin 32. Its Boko Haram not Borotho ka Rama 33. its Samsung not sum-sum.
Posted on: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 06:32:45 +0000

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