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Ok.. I guess I put it off as long as I could.. Dont want to be a chain breaker.. I was given the number 7, so here goes.. 7 things you may not know about me.... 1. I am ADDICTED to coffee. 2. I have to sleep with a noise maker (referred to as a wind tunnel by Kevin Matthew Pate) and he has always hated it.. but trust me, he adapted and overcame ;-) 3. I once rode with 9 people in an Eagle Talon with Angie Turner while we were being chased by Beulaville police at speeds in excess of 80 mph.. yes, we were stupid and extremely lucky to have not wrecked or been caught!! 4. I had my daugher at just barely 17 yrs old and we were both on the Geraldo show for teen pregnancy when she was 9mths old.. and hes a jerk!! 5. I will sit on my bathroom counter top with my feet in the sink and pick my face (sometimes with a needle) and then hate myself for doing it.. I know, Im dimented!! 6. I hate my smile and my legs. I have only worn shorts about 10 or so times in the last several yrs and the majority of that was on vacation where no one knew me.. 7. I love singing (in my car, of course) and I really wish I could play guitar.. and yes, Kevin has tried to teach me before.. Im a terrible student.. So there... I couldve said that I love my children and my family more than anything in this world and they are the only reason I am still here.. I couldve said that I have experienced love that some only read about in books and I dont deserve the love he continues to give, because I have literallly asked of him the impossible. I also couldve told you that I have the greatest job ever with some AMAZING people and I have found out who my true friends are and I wouldnt trade them for any amount of money!!! but Im sure you people already know all of that!! ;-)
Posted on: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 18:39:11 +0000

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