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PART 3 THE EMMACULATE CALLING Construction House is a fairly high rise building along Leopold Takawira Street in the Central Business District of Harare. It is adjacent to another tall building called Coal House. Construction House is eleven stories high. According to Zimbabwe standards that is a tall building. Downstairs these two buildings there is an Innscor food court which houses various fast foods outlets. The place is always awash with people including many airtime vendors and taxi cabs. It has become a meeting place for many people in Harare. It was at this crowded place that Emmah bumped into Detective Sergeant Tsima. They had become good acquaintances since the days they worked together in The Emmaculate Agenda. She was buying airtime while he was on patrol. Emma! Long time Sergeant! I am no longer a Sergeant, the law enforcement officer beamed. I was recently promoted to Detective Assistant Inspector. Congratulations! Emmah wished him well. This is evidence of more good work on your part. Oh thank you, he tried to be modest. I need to be going. I have a meeting with a certain Pastor Jani and Pastor Nanchepo. Pastor Jani, from GAP Ministries? Yes Oh he is my pastor, Emmah said. I hope he is not in some problem, Ah not really. ****** Meanwhile Pastor Jani had been summoned to a meeting at the Law and Order section at Harare Central police station. Some church members from his assembly had been taken to the police after some violent confrontations with members from another assembly. It was perceived that the issues had to do with the preparations on the provincial and national leadership elections almost a year away. A rumour had been spreading that a senior Pastor, called Nanchepo, was eyeing to replace Pastor Jani as the Provincial Overseer. Pastor Jani himself had not made any indication on whether he wanted to stand for the position. However some loyal church members who really liked him wanted him to remain. Pastor Nanchepo was further alleged to have been bad mouthing pastor Jani. The church members from the two Pastors assembles had apparently met at a function where the altercation had apparently taken place. Pastor Jani had been summoned together with Pastor Nanchepo. The police wanted them to rein in their members and ensure they desist from any form of violence. Emmah learnt this from Assistant Inspector Tsima It later emerged that the Harare Province for Gap Ministries actually had six interested candidates to replace Pastor Jani. Talk had been simmering in the province about the need for a new overseer, a better way of doing things and a move for the better. The real underlying reasons were not admitted by the aspiring candidates. It was thought that Pastor Jani was doing well financially by virtue of his position as Overseer and they also wanted to get the same privileges and benefits. The other candidates were purely jealous and envious of Pastor Jani and were not so keen to allow him to remain in the position. Unsaid sentiments were also to the effect that some hopefuls were just power hungry and wanted to climb the ladder till they became the National Overseer. There were also others who were suspected of wanting the position to prove some point and settle some scores. It was not clear who of the hopefuls had a genuine vision for the church. People would say many things. It was the public sharing of these opinions that eventually led to the flaring of tempers and sometimes confrontations. Pastor Jani had made a passionate plea for peace at church and unequivocally indicated that he would not be part of dirty campaigns and tactics as he believed in the leading of the Lord in his ministry. He however did not mention whether he would want to stand again as overseer or not. Pastor Jani also made it a point to relate well with all the pastors in his province, including those who were said to be interested in replacing him. He would make phone calls just to check on them and to speak generally encouraging words. He was therefore surprised to receive a terse letter from the National Overseer. The letter had attached to it a complaint which was anonymous directed to the Apostolic Council. The anonymous letter was written by various pastors, elders and deacons in his province. The National Overseer was asking him to respond to the letter and also showing his displeasure over the allegations directed to Pastor Jani. Pastor Jani was taken aback by the letter and complaint. He wondered who could have masterminded that and what exactly had he done. He read the letter again. He could feel hot tears in his eyes as he looked at the damaging letter. He blinked away the tears as he resolved to investigate on the letter. Who had done the letter? Why had it been done? Was he that evil? He was interrupted by the phone call. He noticed it was Emmah calling. A brilliant idea crossed his mind as he answered the call.
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