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Prayer Request 06/19/14 Peggy Lawrence Whalen Prayer is more than a is a resolve of holy ambition to Glorify God. Pray for Gods wisdom in all aspects of your life. Allow Him to lead you in your decisions and actions and your life will be all it can be because of Gods blessings. INFORMATION:**Disclaimer: at bottom of page! If you need anyone added Ill be glad to add them. Please pray for all listed on this prayer list. The prayer warriors that use this list are very powerful in their prayer life and I know from experience what powerful prayer can do for you. May God bless each one that uses this list for the good of Gods people.Please understand I put in this post exactly what I am asked to put in or what is posted on Facebook already. I do not Makeup my own posts. ATTENTION******I have taken all those with cancer an placed them in a list unless they have a treatment upcoming that I know about or a problem going on you will find them listed before the shut ins. Please check there each day for new additions. Thank You. DEATHS Please keep the family and friends of Carolyn Sechrest in your prayers. She passed away . It is with an extremely sad heart I ask for prayers for the family and friends of Terry Fryman who passed away this morning 6/14/14. Terry was one of the reasons this Prayer Request List was started years ago and he has been on it continuously since the beginning. Prayer Warriors, you have been amazingly faithful and Terry s ability to hang in there are a testament to how prayer works. May God bless Terrys Family with His Peace.The arrangements are Thursday 4-8 pm for the visitation and Friday 11 am for the Funeral. The service is at McDaniel Funeral Home in Dry Ridge. Please keep the family and friends of Garry Whitaker in your prayers as he passed away. His arrangements are this Thursday from 10-12:30 at Elliston Stanley in Williamstown with the funeral at 12:30. Burial will be in the Veterans Cemetery. Please keep the family and friends of Loretta Kelly who passed away at age 96 this afternoon(6/15) in your prayers . Loretta was Keisha Morris grandmother.Visitation will be on Wednesday, June 18 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at the chapel of the Eckler-McDaniel Funeral Home Dry Ridge .Burial will follow and be in the Hillcrest Cemetery, Dry Ridge. Death is a word that the employees are hearing to much at my Work. Please pray for Missy at work who lost her Brother n Law. Mindy who lost her Brother N Law. Kendra who lost her uncle. Keisha who lost her her Grandmother, and Stephanie who lost her Aunt. All of this happen from Friday til today. Just unreal all at one time. Prayers go up for all of these families.( This is where I worked for 25 years and I love these ladies like they are sisters May God send peace and comfort to each of them and their families) Please continue to keep the families of all those that have recently passed in your prayers. Help their loved ones through the coming days with your prayers. PRAISE FOR POSITIVE ANSWERED PRAYERS: Probably 3 or more lives were saved by the donation of Austin Minceys organs. Praise God for his parents generous and loving nature. Praise God for answered prayer in letting Mandy get her CNA test taken and get a part time Job. PRAYERS: Please pray for Molly Wash who had tubes put in her ears 6/18 Also pray for Mommy Melissa Money Wash who wont be sleeping much for a couple of days. Pray Molly feels better soon. Please continue to pray for Rebecca Ailstock. A spot showed up again on her MRI . It had been on the past 2 MRIs but it appeared larger so she will have another MRI in 3 months just to check and see if it is growing. It could be residual effect from chemo and radiation. Pray that it is the effect of treatment and not tumor regrowth. Please pray for Mallory Patterson Jody and Rick Howards great niece.She is at Childrens hospital . This is Kim Curtis granddaughter and she is only 3 and has head trauma. She had surgery and is responding now,but has a long way to go. please pray for her parents and all of the families involved. Please say a prayer for Lanette Whalens friend who has an addiction. Pray for their struggles and pain as well as all of the people who love them. Please pray for Mandy & Ben Hollis who are on a Mission Trip in South Carolina and the transmission went out of their van. Its going to cost them $3000.00 which they do not have to get it fixed. Please pray for God to provide help. Please pray for Kathy Beach as she is having hip replacement. Please pray for Emily Taylor, daughter of Shannon Taylor, had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Wednesday. Today, they had to take her back to Childrens hospital because she started bleeding again. They have cauterized them and will be keeping her overnight for observation. If no further problems, she will come home tomorrow. Remember her in prayer that she will have a speedy recovery. Please pray for Betsy Greenley, a former member of our church, who is in Lexington Hospital with gallstones. Pray for Johnny Bill Renaker. Pray for Kayden Lunsford. They have taken her to Childrens Hospital. They cannot get her to stop vomiting and she has a very bad kidney infection. She is running a 104 temp and only fluid being given is IV. Only thing they know is she has an infection and inflammation but dont know what is causing it. She seems to be getting worse. Please say a prayer for Danny Bates as he heals from a stent placement on Thursday. Please pray for Bob (Randall Dooleys dad) who had a trailer fall on him and he has a knot on his head and is bleeding through his eye. Please be praying for Louise McIntyre (Dana Powells mother), who has been dealing with numerous health issues and is currently undergoing emergency neck surgery. Pray for Logan Stamm who had oral surgery today to remove his wisdom teeth. Pray for K J Hensley (Kevin & Christys little boy) who is running a 103 temperature. Taking him to the hospital. Please say a prayer for Kellie Collins who is ill at UC Hospital. She also has other issues she needs prayer for. Please continue to pray for Abbie Henderson who is suffering low blood sugars. Please pray for Bev, Cheri Carey-Fultons Mother who injured her arm. Praise God it was not broken. Please say extra prayer for Bea Iseral. She needs them now more than ever before. Praying for a successful recovery for Stacey Harris Beach Please pray for Paula Darlington who is still sick. Please pray for Teri Thornton Greenwell who is back in hospital in Florence for COPD exacerbation Please continue your prayers for Jona Simpsons fur baby Jagger. He is much better and the vet says he may get to come home tomorrow if he continues as he is right now so please keep praying all goes well. Please be praying for Kim Haubners grandma Rice and family. Her grandmother fell last evening and she is being placed in hospice today. Your prayers for this family as they struggle with this transition are greatly appreciated. Please pray for Carolyn Porter Horn who is having total knee replacement on Left knee July 1. Please pray for Ashley Brown as he tore a muscle away from his shoulder and has consult for possible surgery on Monday. He cant take narcotics for pain so he needs prayer especially for the pain. Pray for Katie Baldwin, Julies moms sister- she is 91 and has had a stroke and has pneumonia. She is in critical condition in Alabama. Pray for Julies mom, Frances Bowles, who fell again over the weekend. She seems to be doing okay except for some soreness in her side. Pray for Julies brother, Curtis Maddox Please pray for Dwayne Nickell who was bitten by a dog. He is in a lot of pain. Also pray dog was up to date on shots so Dwayne does not have to undergo rabies treatment shots. Please pray for Becky Tolle who is in the hospital with stage 4 cancer. Pray for Betty Lusby who had cataract surgery today. Please pray for Pam Jeanetts daughter Laura who fell and has torn her ankle up. Please pray for her recovery and correct healing.Praise God Laura got to come home today. Please pray for swift healing for Mary Jo Kinmon who had surgery recently. Please pray for Tonya and Dan, friends of Lyn Burnett Lower who have both had surgery and have both had complications from their surgeries. Pray for Linda Moore. She had back surgery. She did well so pray it was successful.6/9 Please pray for Michelle Bohman as she heals from her surgery. Please pray for Mike Parker who had gastric weight loss surgery and is now home recuperating. Please continue to pray for Calvin Crupper. He & Diana Morgan met with a Neurosurgeon at Cleveland Clinic. A process has begun to set up a surgical date to remove a tumor from the pituitary gland. Calvin is doing good. Pray for Jean Bowen (Mitchs mom) as she continues her treatments for cancer. Please continue to pray for Chad Cruey. He is improving but is still having tests. Please pray for Evie Mann Gripshover who is experiencing serious health issues. Pray for quick healing so she can move on with her life. Pray for Lisa Vickers as she continues her treatments Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devin Still, his daughter has cancer and would like fans to keep her in their prayers Please pray for Emily Beach who is experiencing some health problems. Pray for Treva who is on bed rest during the rest of her pregnancy. They are also having problems with their insurance. Pray for Karen Iseral who had surgery and is healing at home. Keep Geneva Hisel, Richies mom, in your prayers. they transferred her on to St. Elizabeth.. Please pray for a young lady that got hit in the face by a line drive ball at River City Ball Park. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Please pray for Gary Holmes and his wife. Gary fell and had a very bad break in his leg. They are going to amputate his leg above the knee . He is now at Gateway. Please pray for Willie Ailstock as he starts his new business in Mason, KY. Please be in much prayer for Brittany Depew (she is one of Debbie Hurleys students), she has been battling leukemia for 5 years now. She goes into remission and then it returns. Brittany has Downs Syndrome and is a lovely young lady. Pray for her family also, for strength as they continue to fight this battle with her. She is past healing. She is a big fan of John Sena the wrestler and 6/4 John Sena sent her a message which was one of her most desired wishes. NEEDING PRAYERS.. NOW STACEY SNOWS NEICE (KELLY) WHO IS SISTER TO ONES HOUSE THAT BLEW UP IN CARROLLTON..HER SON STACEYS GREAT NEPHEW AUSTIN WAS IN HORRIBLE WRECK ..His neck is broken. He is paralized from the neck down he has flown to U of L hospital for emergency surgery. PLEASE PUT THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS. Please pray for Luke Landrum who is experiencing some rejection of his transplanted heart. Please pray for Simon Burgess who is going through some tough stuff and needs to be lifted up! Please pray for Beannas grandsons. Please pray for Ray Lilly who is having some health issues. Please pray for Joe Kyde to have an excellent 2nd interview with Lego in Denmark. Please pray for Connie Thornton who is having both knees replaced. The first one is to take place around the first of June. She is in extreme pain. Please continue prayers for Seth Matt! He had Surgery on June 4th @ Cinti Childrens. He is home now and has active therapy 3 x a week at Childrens. Please pray for Linda Daugherty as she seeks help for her colon problem that may or may not involve surgery.She is seeing the best in Cincinnati. Please add Wayne Joyce to prayer list, this is Sherry Shipps friend Pams brother, just diagnosed with liver cancer. Please be in prayer for Jan Isaacs. She is having some medical issues Pray for Walter Sasher who is having medical issues. Pray for Joan Robinson (Glenns wife) who is in the hospital with bad breathing problems. Please pray for Zoe. God knows why that she needs all the prayers she can get. Please pray for a revival that Joe Chamberlain is planning for next June. Theres a lot to be arranged and done between now and then so a lot of prayers are needed. Pray for Gods blessings on this endeavor. Please pray for Barbara Chamberlain. She has decided to stop her chemo treatment since she has tried 3 different kinds with no success since the cancer has spread to both lungs and a small nodule by the bowel. Barbara has put her whole body and life in Gods hands a decision she says she has never felt better about. Please pray hard for my friend for she is a very special lady! PRAYER WARRIORS, PRAYERS NEEDED FOR LORETTA ALLEN.SHE IS IN THE HOSPITAL WITH A FRACTURED PELVIS,PRAY FOR HER HUSBAND ALSO AS HE IS IN JAPAN FOR HIS JOB. PRAY FOR HER KIDS, AVA AND CALEB ALSO AS SHE WILL BE GOING THROUGH PHYSICAL THERAPHY AND WIL BE NEEDING THEIR HELP. Please pray for Niki Wenderoth Matt who cut her hand badly. Please pray for Amber Nikki Hollis-Smith who after catching her leg on a screw sticking out of the gate had to have 13 stitches. Please pray for Donnie Sechrest Please be in prayer for Liam Groves and his family. Liam has an infection in his leg and is staying at University Hospital of Cincinnati awaiting more tests. Please pray for Fern Workman as she is having severe back pain with fx of vertebrae and needs surgery/treatments. Please keep Josh Ison in your prayers who now knows he is a diabetic and must learn a new lifestyle and eating habits. Please pray for those of us with Fibromyalgia during this weather period when storms pop up. The quickly changing weather causes quick onsets of extreme pain and migraines for us. Please pray for Shirley Masters, mother of Pat Caldwell, who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Pray for a cure and Gods Will to be done and peace for Pat! Pray for Evonnes sister in law who fell and broke some bones on opposite sides of her body Please pray for Donnie Cannon.She is in so much pain she cant sleep. Pray for an unspoken request regarding children. Pray for Matt Wessell. He is doing rehab at Gateway. Pray for Danny Tackett. The doctors found lesions on his lung . Please pray for Sandy Jump Lanter Cook. Please pray for David Richardson who had Rotator Cuff surgery . Pray the recovery is uneventful and swift. Pray for Jerry Luttrell He is having trouble with breathing. Please pray for Josephine Phipps. She has a knot on the back of her leg.May have to have it drained. Please remember in prayer Mary McClure who lost her daughter Kathy to cancer, now her daughter Lori has been diagnosed with cancer. Please be in prayer for Lisa True who has a muscle disease. Please pray for James Thomas as he has a medical concern. Please pray for Mike Burgess . He is in the Hosp. in Tampa. Possible Heart, possible COPD, needs to lose 100 lbs and has Diabetes. They are running tests but no definitive diagnosis yet. Pray for Renee and her kids Pray for Frances Bowles as she is still in rehabilitation at home Pray for Jeff Sydnor Pray for Glenn and Phyllis Baker. Glen has several major medical problems and Phyllis is his caretaker. They have had a difficult winter and are still having major medical issues. Please pray for Debbie Morris Brown who is in constant pain. The doctors have told her there is nothing more they can do,but hopefully there are options out there to be explored. Pray that when she does look into them an answer can be found.Please also pray for pain relief. Please pray for Jeff Edwards, Jeffrey and Mary Edwards son who was in a one car accident and suffered many fractures to the neck and face as well as a brain injury. The next 72 hours are crucial. He is being kept sedated. Please pray for my friend Debs husband who is waiting to see a neurologist, but cannot get in until late July. Pray no stroke or anything else occurs before he is seen. Pray for Jackson as he fights on. He didnt go to sleep at all because he had a bad headache. He cried and would grind his teeth all night. He is still very uncomfortable and was throwing up this morning. He had surgery this afternoon to have his new shunt placed. Hopefully that will relieve some of his headaches. Pray for Larry Watson (Ritas husband) who is still on the ventilator and is very critical. Please pray for Linda Goodman that she will be walking by September. Prayers please. Isaac Goodman is having other medical issues and surgery may be needed that will put him out of work for a year and will involve a lot of sedation. Pray for Barb Kincade. The doctors removed her knee cap and sent her home in a wheelchair for about two months or so then they will have to do another surgery to replace the knee cap. Pray all of the infection clears up also. Pray for Belinda Lovell. She has several health issues. Pray for a gentleman named David who has a nervous disorder. Pray for Marianne Snowden as she fights a terrible infection. Marianne is special needs and a sweet girl Pray for Patty (Julies friends niece). She is having delicate surgery because of a mass on her optic nerve and she could lose her sight. Please pray for Joni Pelfrey. She had some surgery for her dialysis. She needs prayers for a transplant.Pray for Joni Pelfrey as she starts her dialysis Pray for Dale Garman as he takes some hyperbaric treatments before dental work related to his cancer treatments. Please pray for Brenda McClanahans brother Bill and Sister In-Law Helen Pickett. Helen is taking treatments for cancer and had problems breathing after the infusion and is in St E Edgewood. Bill is home now and seems to be doing well Pray for Brenda also as she is wearing herself down being a wonderful sister. Prayers needed for Connie Rice, she fell ,broke both bones in ankle and had surgery. Cant put any weight on it for any reason for 2 weeks when hopefully they can finish the procedure started today with surgery. Ankle is skinned up & must heal! She is at Villa Springs.2nd surgery is tomorrow to put plate and screws in other side of ankle. This was the course decided on by 2 doctors.2nd surgery over and she is back at Villa Springs was welcomed back with applause! Now in a boot, but can begin to put weight on her foot slowly Pray for Rebekah Bradshaw Gregory, who was a spectator at the Boston Marathon,.She still has a long way to go including possible amputation. Her Ortho doctor wants to try one more BIG surgery to try and save the leg and foot before having to amputate and even though she was prepared to set the date to amputate Rebekah has agreed to the one more BIG surgery.Pray that this decision gives the surgeons the one chance they need to save the leg and foot. Please pray for Christine that God will lead her to His pathway for her.Pray that she can get things squared away and get back home for Wyatts sake Pray for Gene Rowland. He is a patient at Grant Manor and is getting weaker daily. Pray for Rexs sister, Grace Ann who broke her neck and is in a tremendous pain. Please pray for Randy Lower who has been diagnosed with Lung and Kidney Cancer and is now taking Chemo.Please continue prayer, Randy takes chemo 3-4 hours in the mornings then goes straight to radiation treatment.Praise God the Benefit was a success. Update on your friend Will Smith! Prayers are working!! He is still not conscious after nearly drowning , but a test report from an MRI was very encouraging for the Dr and family!! Please keep lifting this little boy and his family up in constant prayer!! Please keep John Went in your prayers. Please continue to pray for Ty Taylor and Ashton Taylor. Please pray for Cindy McGough still dealing with knee problems. Pray for Mabel Doolin as she deals with her serious medical issues. Please be in prayer for Lois Darmis (Joyces sister) who has a hole in her retina and macular degeneration. Also, pray for her husband, Jimmy who has been in the hospital. Pray for Georgia Huff, baby daughter of Jessica Blackburn Huff who is a preemie. Please pray for Carol Jacksons brother in-law David Erwin who suffered a stroke and had surgery to relieve pressure on his brain & stop the bleeding. Happy to report David continues to improve from his stroke on March 13. Please continue to pray for him to regain his strength and that his short term memory return , and for strength for the days ahead for both he and my sister Sharon Robinson Erwin. She is a wonderful caretaker. Please pray for Teresa Shaw, wife of Coach Shaw of Carrollton who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray that quick treatment and lots of prayer will bring about a complete cure. Please say Prayers for Anita Duncans daughter Kim who had a heart attack . She has two artery blockages. Keep her children also in your prayers. Pray for Shannon Ashers step brother. He was working yesterday and a tree fell on him. He broke his neck and has a punctured lung. Pray for David Dees as he has a hole in his heart but is at home now. Pray for everyone who is having a battle with drug addiction within their family or personally. Pray for Jake who had brain surgery and was told they got it all. He is back at Childrens. Please pray for Coach Carl Wenderoth, Dina and Niki Rae. Debbie Brewer could use our prayers as she takes treatments for Invasive Mucinous Carcinoma. It is rare but if you are going to have breast cancer this is one of the better ones.At least with this type of cancer with the surgery and treatments she has a chance of seeing her grandchildren grow up. Please say lots of prayers for her. Please pray for Norma Holt who lost her arm in a work accident on 11/7.She is going back to the hosp to have more of her arm taken off up past her elbow Tuesday Please keep her in your prayers. The burns on her legs are very painful. He has prayed for so many. Now, the son of Rev. Billy Graham is asking for prayers for his dad. Pray for Randy Harper. He has peripherial artery disease which is blockages in his legs and feet also in the aorta. He is the son of Judy Harper. Please pray for Tammy Smith, retired Simon Kenton Art teacher.Shes now in the Long Term Acute Care unit at St. Elizabeth in Ft. Thomas. Her husband explained that there is infection in her brain and has been for quite a while. She has had limited improvement from antibiotic therapy,she has had 2 strokes and is very malnourished. They will be doing frequent MRIs to monitor her and if there continues to be no improvement,they will be stopping treatment. He didnt give a time frame for this.Please pray for the entire family. Please pray for Carla Kings cousins 14 year old son who has just received a diagnosis of having 4 inoperable brain tumors. Pray Pray Pray! Please pray for Treva Young, Lisa Schawes Mom, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. weve known for years, but she JUST agreed to go to the doctor and seems to be declining rapidly.Shes worse than theyve known and need more prayers now that their father is ill. Ask God to guide them through this tenuous path they must walk. Please join me in praying for Andrew Clark. He is 1 year clean and sober, drug free. He now lives in a drug free house and is doing well, he still has a long way to go as everyday is still a battle to fight, but he is fighting and winning day by day. Keep praying. Please pray for Michelle Bohman who has been diagnosed with Sjögrens syndrome which is a chronic progressive autoimmune disorder and Fibromyalgia. Please pray for Ray Day. 4207 Wingrove Dr. Arlington,TX 76015 CARDS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED Please be in prayer for Ray Brewer. Ray is very weak from his battle with Cancer. UPDATE: Rays kidneys are failing and his heart is enlarged, doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for him.. Please be in prayer for Ray! Please remember Tim Tolle oldest son of Sherry and Donald. He has diabetes and has struggled for 17 years now and we ask you pray believing for total healing In his body. Please pray for Raymond Swathwood he has a very rare cancer called C.T.C.L. there are so few with this type of cancer that treatment is very hard and the one that they have been doing is now beginning to fail. This is very painful as it involves the blood, skin, bone marrow, and lymp nodes. He has been on chemo for a year Please pray for Nancy Taylor (friends of Gene & Irene Willoughby) who had a hemorrhage on the brain and was receiving treatment at UC. She went home and now something else has happened to her, they are not sure what. She is undergoing more tests. They do not know what the outcome is going to be. They live at 2145 Golds Valley Road, Dry Ridge, KY 41035. Please pray for Maurice & Glenna Webster. Kindly remember them daily in your prayers if you would both are suffering failing health.Glenna Webster had a stroke. They live @ 205 S.W. First Street, Webster, Florida 33597. Please pray for June Beach who is going to have a total knee replacement. This is my buddy Junie from Walmart and the only bright spot about going to Walmart. Please pray for her and when you see her wish her good luck. Truman Pelfrey, is suffering from dementia Please kindly send him a get well card as well as pray for him and our family. His address is: Truman Pelfrey, Eastgate Care Spring, Room 169-1, 4400 Glen Este-Withamsville Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45245. Pray for Lindy who was injured in skiing accident. Please pray diligently for this young woman she has a baby she wants to hold and love on and with hard work and determination and Gods grace maybe she will. Please pray for a lady named Heather and her family. Her husband had a major car accident a few years back and has a brain injury. He was just diagnosed with AML (Leukemia). The prognosis is 40% survival. Please pray for Norma & Zemmer Hammond as they are going through terrible times in their family. May God guide them through all of this. I spoke with this sweet lady and your prayers are truly appreciated. Pray for Denny Lowe. He has been diagnosed with Gillian-barresyndrome which attacks the nervous system. Banks Ready HE WAS IN A REAL BAD CAR ACCIDENT A FEW MONTHS GO AND WENT INTO REHAB IN TENN . HE HAS BRAIN ISSUES. Im still praying for you, Malakai Work, wherever you are!God willing we will see you again.Until then I pray for your safety and well being. Please pray for old friends that touch your heart and mind may God hold them close and keep them safe until you meet again. CANCER: Please pray for the following people( names listed as I have bee given them) who in an ongoing battle with cancer of some kind. They may be taking chemo or radiation. Pam Linda Jones, Mary Ann Walthers niece. Barbara Chamberlain another round of chemo Garry Conrad Dale Garman Josiah, a 2 year old boy Karin Marksbury Sharon Marksberry Jim Linn Roberta who lives in West Virginia Dave Carnoham Marie Jones Tiffany Rice Spratt Karen McWilliams Ted Insko Steve Pettit Chris Kruger, son of Brenda Wilson Paula Jackson Steve Cooper,son in-law of Florence Lanter,husband of Carla Teresa Daugherty Jamie Storer James Tucker Rosie Goldstein Caroline Wood Grace Black 13600 Quail Hallow Lane, Midothian, VA 23112. Laura Goers Sandy True wife of Bobby True Tammy Covey Harry Cheesman Grace Singler,3086 West Tower Ave.,Cincinnati, OH 45238 Jackie Rogers Debbie Deweyne Nantz Bonnie Harper J.J. Jones Anthony Pettit William Allen Stewart Steve Jenkins Bea Iseral Gene Rowland Brittany Depew Howard Spahr Penny Louis Mabel Doolin sick from chemo treatment Sherry Isaacs, Pam Ashcraft101Williamsburg Square,Williamstown,KY41097 Deborah Brewer.Invasive Mucinous Carcinoma. Leeza McComas Emily Blevins Ira Wells treatments for prostrate cancer.Pray for Ira Wells as he continues to fight his cancer. Nick Sawchuck Shasta Burwinkel Jean Bowen colon cancer Dalton Naranjo leukemia Randy Lower Kidney & Lung Cancer taking chemo Dale McKitrick lung cancer Mary Ann OHara Cook cancer has returned Diane Harrison( cousin of Marietta) Helen Pickett Sven Lebo Leukemia Ray Brewer Monica Schneider Jake Brayden Herman House prostate Cancer Mr Thompson brain Tumor George Wolley. cancer Wayne Joyce, Liver Cancer Brittany Depew, Leukemia Cathy Geer , Leukemia Jason VanHook, Leukemia Lori McClure, cancer SHUT INS: Helen Ammerman-Jennie Farwell-Mary Lena Estridge-Kathy Juett Richardson-Katherine Hammond-Connie Wright-Nell Lawrence-Debbie Taylor-Inez Valentine-Virginia Gilpen-Willena Whaley-Holton Smith-Gena Davis-Betsy Greenley111 Rogers Park Drive Apartment 8, Cynthiana, Ky 41031Frances Stanley-June Griffin-Noah Combs NURSING HOME: Grant Manor address: 201 Kimberly Dr., Williamstown, KY 41097 Arlene [email protected] Grant Manor-Wilma [email protected] Grant Manor- Shirley [email protected] Grant Manor- Anna [email protected] Grant Manor-Dona [email protected] Baptist Convalesent Center, Newport, Ky Juanita [email protected] Jewel Knights- Bill [email protected] Jewel Knights- Geisela [email protected] Jewel Knights, Eibeck Lane, Williamstown, Ky 41097-Rosella [email protected] Robertson Health Care, Rt # 2 US HWY 62, Mt Olivet , Ky 41064-Alice Schwartz (mother of Bill Schwartz)@St Elizabeth Medical Center Bishop Hughes Pavillion ), Donna [email protected] Rehabilitation Facility,7300 Woodspoint Drive, Florence, KY 41042.Norma [email protected] Springs Nursing Center, 630 Voxx Dr., Erlanger, KY 41018, Jerry [email protected] Villa Springs Nursing Center, 630 Voxx Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018..Dave Shuler @ Bridgeport Care& Rehabilitation Center 7300 Woodspoint Drive, Room 109, Florence, Ky 41042 Rondell [email protected] Park, 6975 Burlington Pike Florence, KY 41042 ...Tommy & Brenda [email protected] Center, Genesis Healthcare, 905 Hwy 127 North, Owenton, KY 40359-9302...Carrollton assisted Living - Ray Berger. SERVICE MEN & WOMEN: AFGHANISTAN Adam Jenkins Josef Cummins Greg Adams Chuck Riley-Behran, Afghanistan GUAM PV2 Barry Baxter HAWAII Tyler Black KOREA SFC Sanders, Stephen B., PV2 McComas, Jacob ,Cody Goers, Marine STATESIDE Sgt Velosky, Joshua ,Kyle Taylor-Key West, FL,1 LT David C Hale ,Mike Parker,SSF Shelton, Rodney Louis Veneziano-Kansas,PVT. Josh Crupper -New York ,Collins, Christopher-KY,PFC JON Rourk-OH Dillon Pelfrey ,SSG Josh Henry- Arkansas ,Dirk McComas- KY,ONeal Steven A ,Ricky Barton, CA CPL Perkins, Jordan K Middle East /Sea GSM 1 Conrad, Kyle Djibouti, Africa SSG Kenneth J Wininger SPECIAL NEEDS: Continue to pray for Jerry & Brenda Luttrell, Kenneth Cox, Bunny Gambrell, Linda Coulson Bishop, Francis Bowles, Joyce Chaney, Treva Brown, Bill & Betty Kemper, Bear & Kay Bryant, Larry Watson, Larry Sebastian, Kenny & Dana Sebastian and Barb Kincaid. Charlie Conrad Memorials are suggested to the Dry Ridge Baptist Church or the Grant County 4H, 105 Baton Rouge Rd., Williamstown, KY 41097. Flowers in memory of Mr. Conrad will be planted in a family memorial garden on the family farm. Elliston - Stanley Funeral Home, 500 N. Main St., Williamstown, KY 41097. We need to continue to pray for some young men who are struggling with drug addiction. Pray they get the desire within themselves to want to get help. Pray for the parents as they go through this ordeal with their sons. Ruth MacAdams Riley I would like to have our troups prayed for as they are always being sent into harms way! I would also like to pray for our students, they are challenged daily by their peers and want them to stay strong in their beliefs and their faith! Pray for Diane Records who needs employment. She lost her job at the Gap where she worked for 20yrs. Please say a prayer for Richie Farmer who made several mistakes during his role as leader of the Ky Department of Agriculture and now will be serving a prison term of 27 months. Pray he will learn from this sentence and God will heal his life. Pray for his 3 young children and his family as they endure this with him. Rhonda Barnes Memorials suggested to St E Hospice, 483 South Loop Road, Edgewood, KY 41017. Lana Hensley Johnson..Memorial Contributions are suggested to the Grant County Animal Shelter. JUST A THOUGHT The LORD looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. Psalms 14:2 ESV As the cashier counted out my change, I noticed that it was a good bit more than I had given her to begin with. This was decades ago and I was a new Christian struggling to make ends meet. There were all sort of thoughts going through my head: Well, you really need gas money; You have been tithing, maybe this is a blessing; They will never miss it. Then there was another voice: They will have to make it up out of their pay if they are short; it is not yours! Give it back! Then this scripture came to mind and that settled it. I pushed it away and explained that they had given me too much because I had only given them five dollars, not fifty or whatever it was that they were counting. They were shocked and greatly appreciative. I talked out of that store knowing that I had done the right thing and could feel the Lords presence. He was watching my actions quietly from above, and when given a chance to do wrong, I chose to do right. That day I made my Father proud. I did not fall for the cheap trick that the enemy had set in front of me. Things like that are just a trap laid in front of you to test your character. Will you do right, or will you fall for the cheap trick? EPHESIANS 5:25-26 25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God Taken from a post by MaryLee Willoby Start your day with a prayer, it will make your day go smoother! Disclaimer: When I am given the names of these people to pray for I post it as given because I think everyone no matter who they are can use prayer. I do ask that if you are able to update me at anytime on someone listed you would be so kind to do so. Your requests and updates are what fuel this out reach.
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