RAKYAT SUDAH DIBOHONGI DENGAN MEDIA SAMPAH.......!!!!! #SEBARKAN ================================= The Wall Street Journal dan Reuters. Subianto’s Brother Promises ‘Active’ Opposition to Jokowi ================================= JAKARTA, Indonesia — For the brother of defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, it is payback time. Hashim Djojohadikusumo, brother and economic adviser of defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, listens to a journalist’s question during a press conference in Jakarta on July 15. Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Mr. Subianto’s brother, and their allies have put together a coalition that controls a majority of the seats in parliament and has set out to thwart President-elect Joko Widodo’s agenda even before he takes office Oct 20. Known as the Red and White coalition, it could control parliament’s agenda, its committee leadership and the confirmation of major presidential appointments, for years to come. “Our long-term aim at least for the next five years is to be an active, constructive opposition,” Mr. Djojohadikusumo said in an interview Monday. “Yes, Mr. Jokowi there is a price to be paid,” he added, referring to Mr. Widodo by his nickname. Mr. Djojohadikusumo said he is motivated in part by what he sees as Mr. Widodo’s personal betrayal. One of Indonesia’s wealthiest men, Mr. Djojohadikusumo said he was Mr. Widodo’s primary financial campaign backer when he won the Jakarta governorship two years ago. At the time, he asserts, Mr. Widodo promised him he would serve a full five-year term as governor. But the popular former furniture maker ran for president this year and won, defeating Mr. Subianto by 53 to 47 percent. “There was an understanding and we feel that he didn’t live up to that understanding, not only implicit but explicit,” Mr. Djojohadikusumo said. “We feel he was being very politically expedient.” Mr. Widodo couldn’t immediately be reached to respond to Mr. Djojohadikusumo’s claim that he promised to serve the full term as governor. Mr. Widodo has said that he ran for president with the approval and at the urging of his party. Supporters of the incoming president had hoped to sway enough members of parliament to join their ruling coalition so that they could form a majority. But the brothers outmaneuvered them by bringing together five of the 10 parties in a coalition that so far has remained united. With the tacit support of a sixth party, the coalition controls 63 percent of the seats. One of their first victories was to pass legislation that will end direct elections for thousands of local and provincial posts, such as governors and mayors, and allow elected legislatures and city councils to appoint them instead. Mr. Widodo’s party opposed the measure. “What has surprised most observers is how cohesive the Red and White Coalition is,” Mr. Djojohadikusumo said. Mr. Subianto, who has made few public comments since losing the July9 election, has been actively involved in building the coalition and is seen as its leader, his brother said. Mr. Djojohadikusumo said the opposition will not be “antagonistic.” But he foresees a situation similar to Washington, where Republicans frequently use their majority in the House of Representatives to block President Obama’s agenda. “Prabowo and other party leaders will lead an active opposition,” Mr. Djojohadikusumo said, using his brother’s first name. “We will be able to control the legislative agenda.” The coalition will control all committee chairmanships and will have the authority to conduct investigations into the activities of Mr. Widodo and members of his administration, he said. The coalition also will have veto power over more than 100 top appointive positions, including the chief of the national police, the head of the armed forces and members of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, he said. “It gives us a lot of say in who those people will be,” he said. Mr. Djojohadikusumo acknowledged that he and his brother had difficulty at first accepting the election defeat. “To be honest, we all took it rather badly,” he said. “I was not in a good mood for a while and so was my brother. We felt that we were cheated by various forces. But OK, these are the rules of the game. And we accept it.” Now he feels much better about things. I am enjoying it because we are winning,” he said. Maintaining a strong opposition in parliament could set up Mr. Subianto, a former Army general and once the son-in-law of then-dictator Suharto, for what would be his fourth run for the presidency in 2019. He turns 63 next week. “He is still young enough to do certain things,” his brother said. ================================= TRIBUNEWS Kerahkan Kekuatan, Adik Prabowo Siap Usut Dosa Jokowi ================================= Kelompok oposisi di DPR bakal mengerahkan kekuatan untuk mengusut dugaan-dugaan pelanggaran yang dilakukan oleh presiden terpilih Joko Widodo semasa menjabat sebagai Gubernur DKI Jakarta dan Wali Kota Solo. Hal itu ditegaskan oleh adik Prabowo Subianto, Hashim Djojohadikusumosaat diwawancara Reuters, Selasa (7/10/2014) malam. “Kami akan menggunakan kekuatan kami untuk menyelidiki dan menghalangi,” ujar Hashim Djojohadikusumo, kepada kantor berita Reuters di kantornya. Menurut Hashim, penyelidikan itu akan termasuk melihat dugaan korupsi yang melibatkan pembelian bus-bus buatan Tiongkok senilai Rp1,5 triliun oleh pemerintah Jakarta tahun ini, ketika Jokowi masih menjadi gubernur. Kasus ini sendiri tengah diselidiki Kejaksaan Agung. Media melaporkan ada dua pejabat pemerintah yang menjadi tersangka pelanggaran. Parlemen juga akan menyelidiki korupsi pada dana pendidikan di kota Solo ketika Jokowi merupakan wali kota. Jokowi, yang belum mendapat tuduhan apapun dalam dua kasus tersebut, tidak dapat dimintai komentarnya. Para anggota oposisi di parlemen dikhawatirkan akan menyebabkan negara ini menghadapi kebuntuan politik dalam lima tahun mendatang, dan telah menekan rupiah dan bursa saham. Jokowi, yang mengalahkan Prabowo pada pemilihan presiden Juli lalu, akan dilantik pada 20 Oktober. Ahli-ahli politik mengatakan para anggota “Koalisi Merah Putih” yang dibentuk Prabowo bertekad membuat hidup Jokowi sulit. “Faktanya adalah, dalam dua minggu terakhir koalisi Prabowo telah berhasil melakukan manuver dalam banyak cara yang berbeda, menunjukkan bagaimana mereka bisa melancarkan pukulan melawan (Jokowi),” ujar Tobias Basuki, analis politik dari lembaga pemikiran CSIS. “Investigasi-investigasi parlementer ini lebih merupakan langkah politik daripada penyelidikan korupsi yang tulus.
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