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S. Korean Organization Accuses Regime of Suppressing Progressives Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Democracy, Peoples Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty of south Korea released a statement on Tuesday denouncing the regime for suppressing progressives. The regimes racket for eliminating the followers of the north and suppression of progressives under the pretence of public security have gone beyond a tolerance limit, the statement said, adding: It has already been disclosed by media that the prosecution and police are going to expel Sin Un Mi, a Korean in the U.S., from south Korea and examining their plan to issue a warrant of arrest against Hwang Son, representative of the Forum for the Study of Politics Desired. Sins article and remarks can neither be viewed as violation of Security Law nor be treated as a heavy crime against society. It is also absurd for the prosecution and police to cite a diary used by Hwang 17 years ago and others as a ground for issuing a warrant of arrest against her. This clearly shows what the unification touted by the present chief executive actually means. The chief executive is turning a deaf ear to the voice of people from all walks of life calling for reunification, being seized with her ego-driven theory about unification. Her intention is not to allow those aspiring after south-north reconciliation and reunification to live on this land. Genuine reunification will come only when people from all walks of life discuss reunification. The police and prosecution should stop suppressing Sin and Hwang. Copyright (C) KOREA NEWS SERVICE(KNS) All Rights Reserved.
Posted on: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 09:05:18 +0000

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