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Saturday, November 15th is Municipal Elections Day. Are you an Abbotsford resident? This is the time to use your democratic right and get out and vote for Mayor, City Council, and School Trustees. Did you know that a few weeks ago in the City of Toronto the voter turnout was 61%? That is staggering! Abbotsford has an average voter turnout of under 25%. We need to do better! In the past, civic elections voted candidates in for a 3-year term. In 2014, successful candidates will be voted in for a 4-year term. In Abbotsford there are: 2 Mayoral Candidates: Bruce Banman and Henry Braun 30 Council Candidates 13 School Trustee Candidates Many of the individual candidates have their own websites. Want to know about a specific candidate? Just Google their name and if they have a site, it will pop up. For quick reference, here are the links to the 2 Mayoral candidates: brucebanman Did You Know - Obviously, you only have one choice for Mayor and there are only 2 candidates. Pretty easy. But, there are 8 seats for council members. However, you do not have to fill out your ballot to include 8 choices. What does that mean? If you only want to vote for 3 particular candidates whom you are really confident about, only vote for those 3. In the numbers games, which is what elections come to on voting day, only voting for your 3 choices gives those candidates a higher chance of succeeding if you leave the rest of your ballot empty. The same is true for School Trustees. There are 7 seats/positions to be elected. Only familiar with 2? Vote only for those two. So, as you are running around doing whatever it is you have to/prefer to do on a Saturday, on November 15th - Please take the time to get out and: So how do you make an informed decision? We would like to encourage all ACS staff who live in Abbotsford to be as educated as possible. Here are a few key websites that are very worthwhile visiting before heading out to vote at your designated polling station. abbynews/municipalelection/ This section includes: Election News // Election Candidates // Candidate Q 7 As //Election Information The City of Abbotsford website has changed dramatically recently. Look through the navigation bar at the top of the home page. Click on 2014 Elections. But also take a little time to look through the section called Abbotsforward -this is very interesting and helpful overall Abbotsford information. You can also watch recorded All Candidates meetings on the site at this link. tings_online.htm Directions: Click on View Archived Meetings See the calendar in the upper right? Click back to October Pick the date you want to watch: October 21 - Non-Profits Organized All Candidates: Council, October 23 - All Candidates: Mayor // October 29 - Chamber of Commerce Organized All Candidates: Council, October 30 All Candidates: Mayor Click Search Click on the link in the lower box And remember - you get what you vote for. Does your one vote matter? Absolutely!! It will matter even more if you encourage family, friends and neighbors to get out and vote with you. If you are out of town on November 15th, you can cast your vote early at the advance polling stations. Check here for information. rks+Office/2014+Election/Advance+Voting.pdf
Posted on: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 04:31:54 +0000

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