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Secular Jihad Sonia Gandhi met Shahi Imam Bukhari asking him to avoid the division of secular vote. Shazia Ilmi,Sonia Gandhis friend,now with aap invoked Muslims not to be secular,but be communal this time. Azam Khan said kargil war was won by Muslim soldiers,& hasnt expressed regret so far. Imran Masud said,we will cut Modi to pieces, & hasnt expressed regret so far. Amit Shah & Ramdev Baba did express regret. They continue to be mercilessly attacked. Father Mascaenhas of Saint Xaviers emailed a sermon saying that young impressionable voters must vote carefully & not be carried away by Gujarat model. Father Dibrito also joined the chorus. Sonia Gandhi was more subtle. All she said was, God save India if Modi becomes Indias prime minister. Mamta Bannerji who welcomes illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators,& shields naxalites,calls Modi,as the butcher. Nitish Kumar discovered after years of alliance with BJP that Modi is a mass murderer. This,when absolutely all constitutional authorities have given him a clean chit. While reporting on Indias election BBC,neglecting all reports of inclusive development in Gujarat,picks up a poor basti of Muslims there,to make a point that Muslims are neglected in Gujrat. Man They should get somebody to declare Secular Jihad,which is on as it is. Pakistan has already joined. Afghanistan might as well be invited, like Najib Khan Rohila invited Ahmad Shah Abdali for jihad against Marathas. May there be a declaration of secular jihad. Mani Shankar Ayyar would like to make the formal announcement,since his brilliant autobiography is titled Secular Fundamentalist.
Posted on: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 19:46:06 +0000

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