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The path we have taken since 2007 could have been easier if the loyalty of VP to the President was sustained. At last, the first Governor to become the VP should have progressed to become the President in 2007 after the exit of OBJ. VP Atiku should have become the first civilian president in the president dispensation from 1999 - 2019. He lost his foundation when he turned against the President. This path needed to be restored. For this reason, a new President had to emerge from the same political lineage with Atiku and this is what brought Yaradua to power. Consequently, Odili who should have become the VP had to also loose his position to GEJ. Like Governor Atiku, GEJ grew from the position of Governor to become the VP in 2007. GEJ has restored the failures of Atiku by being a faithful VP, and then emerged as acting president, inherited president and elected president. He is the only Nigerian who has passed through this process to the presidency. What is needed now to complete the basic foundation for sustenance of civil leadership is for the first ever civil leader to complete the constitutional two tenures, which no one has achieved before. If GMB is elected and he leads for one tenure, that does not fulfill the constitutional provision for two tenures. This is very important even though unknown to many who are thinking that we just need food on our table to be provided by the leader. The restoration of the nation is the greatest task ahead of us all. To accomplish the goal of the 20 year cycle from 1999 - 2019, Nigeria needs a leader who can consummate two tenures of civil leadership. Such a leader will become the fulfillment and embodiment of the present constitution, and from him a new constitution will emerge. The present constitution is NOT a civil constitution but a military constitution. It has to come to an end and this is the last chance to do this. GMB is unfortunately not providentially positioned to move Nigeria truly forward. He is not and I repeat again that he is NOT. There is a chance to advance our history through GEJ and this is what we need to do. If GMB cannot complete two tenures, do not promote his candidacy as it is will be counter productive at last. Do not say that you were not told
Posted on: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 21:30:22 +0000

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