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There are at least two ways to suspect the CNN reporter: 1. Nigerians are usually far smarter than these foreigners who have whatever dealings (business, love, voodoo, worship, aids, AIDS, news, Amnesty, etc) with “Nigerians”. It is easy to see examples in how frequently and repeatedly bad Nigerian boys/girls/men/women, scam these foreigners. One foreigner could be scammed many many times on a pack tricks you would not be able to use on an average 10-year old Nigerian. Just snoop around the Internet with google and Youtube to confirm this truism. If this assertion is anything to go by, then my beloved friend Nic Robertson has just been scammed into showing his abysmal ineptitude at dealing with Nigerian scam stars. That Nic’s “soldier” may be a boy/man who wants to escape to the US or a Boko Haram member who is on a well-orchestrated mission to mislead as usual. Just as they have been misleading Amnesty International with fake videos, pictures and interviews. In this perspective Nic Robertson, you have been badly scammed. No Nigerian soldier buys gear. I am from a family with a long line of Nigerian Military pedigree. 2. Nigeria poses a threat world-wide because of her potential to become a stupendous giant, far more sophisticated and elaborate than the Chinese and Indians have attempted. Infact, Nigeria has the potential to be a first world country. As Hugo Swire, British Foreign Office Minister aptly observes: “one only needs to look to the huge talent of Nigerians in the diaspora to confirm that Nigeria is enormously gifted”. Nigerians have demonstrated in too many ways that once they find their rhythm, their resonance, no Country would be able to “send us aids”. Now bad supremacists and loveless people who fear sure and eventual Nigerian domination of the World do not want anything good to come out of Nigeria. Ambitious reporters like Nic of CNN, provide easy tools for use by these few bad people to provide excuse for foreign invasion of Nigeria. Remember McCains’ proposition that the US should deploy armed forces to the NE of Nigeria with/without the permission of Nigeria. Now, if this conjecture is anything to go by, then we have a sad turning point here of Boko Haram’s menace. This is not a time to be frivolous. Nigerian’s must cooperate to fight off enemies within and outside. Nic’s report should be condemned at all quarters in Nigeria and the truth should be shown to the World as quickly and as poignantly as possible.
Posted on: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 00:26:10 +0000

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