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This group What Could Be Next To The Sun is COMPROMISED. The admins knowingly embrace, tolerate and support anti-truth shills. This group is not for exploring the truth, rather they are for shutting down anyone seriously investigating the phenomena. I have documented the interaction I had yesterday with a Jason individual. He swore up and down there is no manipulation of the weather, while constantly posting NASA links that led to worthlessness. He completely ignored the links I sent him about the military confessing they own the weather, stock market speculation based on weather, and links to Seans video series showing hundreds of craft used in weather manipulation. How did he respond? In classic SHILL FASHION. He bantered on trying to shut down the thread I was in with Daphne, who had posted a video showing Sun anomalies. He patronized us with links to fraudulent NASA footage showing the fake moon landing (declaring this was proof of something), called us a cult, ad hominem attacks, and said after only 2 minutes of me posting a link to Sean Gs YT summary video, that Sean was delusional and on meds (producer of the incredible video series What Is In Our Skies) who had done a 3 year study and 10 TB footage collection. So he was OUTTED as a shill and I said so. The group admins this morning booted Daphne and I out. What does that say? The administrators are NOT in defense of the truth, they are in defense of THE DECEPTION and I am simply calling it out and warning others who are in the group. This is the type of social media deception that needs to be exposed when discovered. See the names of the women who run this group and let it be duly noted of their ANTAGONISM toward truth. ~JoAnne
Posted on: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 18:59:05 +0000

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