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Tuesdays Feel good #News Report Trucker drove 300 miles to reunite stolen dog with owner only to be told her could KEEP her Dean Parlett, 42, rescued starving and flea-ridden poodle Kiki and returned her to owner Patricia Telling, 75, who then handed her back two days later as the pooch was pining for him A tattooed trucker who found a stolen poodle and eventually tracked down the owner was told he could keep her - because the dog had fallen in love with him. Burly Dean Parlett, 42, spotted starving and flea-ridden Kiki the puppy scavenging on an industrial estate while making deliveries and took pity on her. He scooped the black pooch into the cab of his HGV and drove her home before taking her to the vets for a health check-up. A microchip revealed Kiki was a valuable poodle worth £1,000 that had been stolen eight months before and reported missing by her owner. Dean then drove 300 miles from his home in #Derby to reunite the stolen dog with delighted Patricia Telling, 75, in Hurst Park, #Surrey.#UK He dropped her off but two days later Patricia called him and said the dog was pining - and had obviously formed a special bond and he should keep her. The trucker drove back in his HGV and left with the poodle propped on his passenger seat - and is now looking after her full time. He said: That drive to drop Kiki off was one of the longest and most difficult journeys of my life, and Im a truck driver. I would have been so sad to see her go. I was over the moon when Patricia said I could keep her. People take the mick because its funny to see a bloke like me with a poodle, but I dont care. Shes lovely. Its ridiculous. Here I am, a tattooed lorry driver, and I take my poodle to the hairdressers. My mates laugh at me, but I dont care. Shes a lovely dog. Patricia said: It was amazing, and Dean has been absolutely incredible. I was absolutely gobsmacked, when the vet told me the story I couldnt believe it. mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/trucker-drove-300-miles-reunite-4993684#rlabs=22
Posted on: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 11:37:19 +0000

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