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Ty sister Jana Eid Animals are more tolerant than many people.. Tolerance when seen as weakness by intolerant person, one is left with no choice except Bill Mahers words Spirituality is the only answer.. No one can tolerate intolerant person. Even God cant tolerate and excuse. Law also tolerates to some level of intolerance and harmful attitudes are punished .. Intolerant one can be tolerated if is sincere and has a will to listen and learn, share views, ready to discuss . But intolerant untrustworthy people who refuse to learn and share views can not be tolerated.... If an intolerant takes our tolerance as weakness, and always likes to attack on our weak points at least we should be intolerant about our weak points.. when intolerant one sees our readjustments , implementation of reformation , improvement as preparation for an attack , what one can do ? Jealousy, false pride, wrong conclusions , inferiority/ superiority complex are reasons. Discussion help tolerance to grow. Arguments help intolerance. Be strong enough to face assaults and insults and be tolerant . Intelligent, patient, tolerant and wise one knows The merits and demerits of Tolerance and when to be intolerant. The war between tolerance and intolerance goes on... Dont know when it ends. Till then I am neither intolerably tolerant nor tolerably intolerant about others , but only intolerant about my weakness and weak points..
Posted on: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 03:39:56 +0000

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