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US Public School “History” Textbooks Contain Absurd Islamist Propaganda, by Kristin Tate Students attending public schools in Florida have been taught using “history” textbooks containing pro-Islam propaganda. Furious parents discovered this has been going on for three years now. The history textbooks contain 36 pages dedicated to the religion of Islam. However, not ONE page is dedicated to Christianity or Judaism. Within those 36 pages, the textbook states as a plain fact that Mohammed was a prophet. It goes on to say that “people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.” Funny, also, how when Christian battles are mentioned in the book they are called “massacres,” but Muslim battles are merely dubbed as “takeovers.” Good grief. This is an absurd case of political correctness run amok. In my humble opinion: The cult of islam, is a curiosity that was started as a whim of a deluded half brother that was jealous of a true individual that was called by God (Allah). I am really concerned over the many lives still to be taken for this cult, it does not take from the feeling of the persons that have picked or forced to live this cult, the many that have been forced, as the statement from Obama’s Al-Qaeda Rebels To Christians: “Convert To Islam Or Be Beheaded”. Well I do not see the reason to give up a true religion that was set forth by the living God of Israel, for a cult belief of radicals with guns, my life on this earth is what it is, my salvation is what this matter is about. If Islam is a real calling of a real God, then why do they need guns and threat of beheading to force people into this cult? They yell and threaten violence, where the Jewish and Christian faiths are based on peace and compassion. If there was any real truth to this cult, then why do the representatives of this cult have to threaten a person with violence or death, and then celebrate the death of the infidels after. There is truly something wrong with a mentality like this? Is it that the representatives do not really believe in their fundamentals? Thank you for your time. Deacon Decker
Posted on: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 07:35:22 +0000

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