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When i walk in the school halls I see you passing by me And I pretend that I am Happy and painless When you say Hi and Bye to me But when I am alone Tears fall down my eyes Because I thought true love would never die You probably think I am Doing so good without you But oh how I wish you could see inside of me I put on a fake mask Because this pain Is endless inside of me Why did you change? Why dont you want to be with me? We were suppose to last forever, I thouht you really loved me? I seen you walking with her one day And i felt life my life was coming to and end I had no one to love me anymore I felt life you stabbed me in the back and the pain would never end I wish you knew the truth about what I hide from you inside of me I cant eat... I cant sleep... Nothing means anything to me Im missing something in my heart Because your not next to me And when I return home after school I sit alone in my room and cry and pray to God that we will soon be! But I cry because you will never be next to me Because I hurt you and let you go,but then you turned around and hurt me If my room walls could talk it would tell you how much i cry out to you and how my life is not the same because i dont have you If my room walls could talk It would tell you how much pain that lives inside of me because you were my first love and i will never forget the pain YOu left inside of me!!! =====If My Room Walls Could Talk
Posted on: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 19:01:56 +0000

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