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With rumours of cuts to its upcoming US release and the fact that its sat on a shelf since its 2013 release you wouldnt expect much from Bong Joon-ho sci-fi film SNOWPIERCER. Youd be wrong though because this bleak, involving sci-fi film about a class war on board a futuristic train trawling through a frozen wasteland is a masterpiece.Brutal, intelligent, unafraid of its darkness but never boring its a brilliant mashup of Gilliam,Besson,Jeunet,Wes Anderson,Chan-wook and even Chris Nolan in places.The cast are incredible but special mention to a career-best Tilda Swinton (whos both genuinely hilarious and quetly terrifying) and a fantastic Chris Evans. Prior to The Avengers I had never seen Evans in a good film or be particularly good in anything but here he reveals real acting chops, especially in a tragic and oddly disturbing monologue towards the films end. This is Joon-Hos film though.Despite the constraints of its setting its visually astounding and inspired and genuinely exciting at points. Lets hope that the cust that arrives in UK and US cinemas this year is the one he intended.Absolutely astounding(5/5) *The Weinstein Brothers want to release this with 45 minutes of cuts and shite voiceovers because they consider it too difficult for Western audiences.Maybe theyre right but dont watch that version or give them your money.Prove them wrong!!
Posted on: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 12:01:59 +0000

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