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1110(Income tax ) Why taxpayer get defective return filing notice under section 139(9) Project - Make Knowledge Free Case Methodology - Harvard Case Methodology Video Link - https://youtube/watch?v=HNM2pOzAocA Narration - By Amlan Dutta For previous year 2013 14 , i as a resident non senior individual has income from salary and FD interest income . I also had invested in prescribed investment listed under section 80 i.e 80 under Chapter VI A i.e In provident fund for Rs 1 lac ! Now my total income boiled down to 10 lacs ...on which taxes applicable as per slabs for the corresponding assessment year was 1,33900 Rs Unfortunately , my salatry TDS tax credit of 118901 and no bank TDS credit didnt sum up therefore to my tax liability ...i used the challan 280 to make a tax payment for the balance (133900-118901) well in advance to avoid any penal interest ! So far , so fine ..but i had forgotten to show this in the return and uploaded the return with tax payable as it is ! When it enters assessment , the assessing officer cant beleive his eyes ....he sees that i (taxpayer)despite having tax credit available to his/her account has not claimed it in return and uploaded with tax payable when actually if he/she would have taken tax credit correctly , no tax payable would be reflected in the return ! He understands that the taxpayer may have not understood the situation and so sends him/her a defective return filing notice , Now , few days later i was greeted with a Defective return notice under section 139(9) requesting me to file corrected return in response within 15 days ! So , i see that in the return there is a section 139(9) ...i use that this time around ...i have to put the original return acknowledgement number and date as well ! I also have to put defective return notice number and date ! Here i saw that the notice number was 25 digits i.e CPC/1314/C31/100018911730 ( 25 characters) But the slot for notice just takes 23 digits ...so i remove CPC and fill in the rest ...and that works ! Later , in this corrected return i again fill in all details just like i did in original return mentioning details of my total income and taxes paid ...now i carefully ensure that i mention details of my advance tax paid through challan (280) such that the sum total of the TDS credit and challan credit equals my tax liability and the return shows nil tax payable ! Then i login to site and there is a option of E filing in response to defective notice ! I use that and upload the corrected xml ! Thats it , You just filed a corrected return in response to defective notice under section 139(9) You may decide to pat yourself in the back for this ! Cheers , Amlan Dutta
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 09:02:40 +0000

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