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18 Random Facts About Me...lms 4 a number 1. I like to talk a lot of shit u need thick skin to chill with me! 2. I love zombies and end of the world and natural disaster movies! 3. If I like you I will pick on you and raise hell! 4. If I dont like you I will only speak to you if you speak to me first! 5. Consider me rated R Im only PG 13 at home. some would say Im inappropriate I say piss off!!! 6. I suffer from word vomit I seldom think before I speak! 7. I also seldom think before I act true story lol! 8. I state the obvious out loud you decide how your going to handle the information not my problem sorry...not sorry! 9. I do however have a huge heart and care for most peoples feelings but like I said word vomit...ooops! 10. I have fibromyalgia but dont take anything for it I roll with the punches deal with the pain! 11. My two girls are my world Vanessa and Noelle mess with them youre in for a world of hurt! 12. Im the oldest child in my family! 13. I look a lot like my father people call me baby hollis back home! 14. My siblings have thee most beautiful babies ever and Im one proud auntie! 15. I love children nothing I wouldnt do for a child! 16. If I say youre my friend youll be a friend for life until you abuse it! 17.Im very protective of my family! 18. Im not afraid to call you out on your bullshit feelings aside if your full of shit ima put u on blast lol
Posted on: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 05:40:57 +0000

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