A BILL TO CAMEROON PARLIAMENT ON CONSOLIDATING NATIONAL UNITY BY TATA KWAWI MBINGLO,POLITICAL SOCIOLOGIST AND YOUTH ACTIVISTS. Honorable members of parliament,our history traces the roots of the embryo that has developed into an unprecedented level of hatred,division,marginalization,enmity that has engulfed our national entity since independence. As representatives of our people at the grass roots,it is of imperative importance that national unity consolidation be a priority to our government.The Anglophone problem cant be regarded as as a weakness of a Tigers slow movement but rather a calculated accuracy.There is need for a general consensus to bring to a common table all stake holders of the pre independence states to redefine the provisions of a unitary state. I propose herein an amendment to the constitution granting a federal government to our national boundaries.We are in a century of freedom of expression,freedom of entity and a freedom of governance.please let regions gain autonomy and elect their governors for the purpose of self governance and consolidation of national unity.We are fast losing our national pride and integrity because of greed and the zeal to consolidate absolute power. You are our law makers and we are yet to acknowledge a commendable reform registered by our legislators.This could be that reform,that dream your people are living for. Remember the regime can arrest,exile or terminate the SCNC activities but their ideas and dreams are very much alive. If we must live as a common people and consolidate national unity,we must treat this bill I am tabling as an unavoidable evil if you see it that way.Remember you shall be judged by how much you contributed in building.Think beyond the comfort of your seats,your office and your ego and give your job a national look for at least a moment. Thanks for listening. Long live Cameroon. Tata Kwawi Mbinglo. Political sociologist. Youth Activist..
Posted on: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 08:45:02 +0000

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