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A Must watch: Made available to the general public by G Edward Griffin : as a most important piece modern history.This is a truly eye opening look into what the tax exempt foundations are doing in the United States - their attempt to merge the Soviet System of Government with the USA. Norman Dodd started out as a banker, he was interviewed in 1982 by G. Edward Griffin regarding the time he spent as the head researcher for the Reece Committee. : I was shocked, when this man, a prominent banker, said to me: We will never see sound banking gain in the United States. After what he told me I resigned. They told me that instead of resigning, to do what I could to change the banking system. I began work, and would not let me do anything. They said I could go play golf and get a great retirement. Then I did resign again and this time it stuck. After that all the banks closed theirs doors , and I could not get a job in banking. I then began to work for the Reese foundation. It was a committee to direct the research of tax exempt foundations and what was considered to be un American. https://youtube/watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM
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